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So Yuz Wanna Know Whut's Up Wit Da ART STUFF, Eh??? LOL!

Posted Date: May 24th, 2010 09:11 | Hits: 559

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  I have just about 24 hours of peace and quiet until my next show's opening reception, so I'm gonna take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the "Artsy" side of me, and then a few details about the events that lead up to my first public show, ever!

 The username "Peaceful " would be nothing more than just a sweet-sounding, sentimental label, without the action(s) that make it a real quality in the everyday world that we all share...

 I have found that purposefully LIVING my username is deeply inspiring, satisfying and even biz-ifying, if you will...

 So one of the many "Peaceful " things that I do is participate in public art projects as they occur around town. I actually started my business life as a professional Photographer, and then proceeded to fall in Love with Marketing and Advertising ( I know, it's a sickness- but it feels soooo good...) as the years advanced.

 I was formally introduced to art many, many years ago in elementary school, and my teachers provided crayons and gray soft clay as the prime media for my six-year-old mind and hands to "have fun " with...

 Of course, I immediately started to draw and sculpt anatomically-correct adult Females ( That's what learning how to read medical textbooks does to a Three-Year-Old) and get into trouble.

 Well, despite being "Grounded For Life..." ,  I kept art and artful efforts very close to me and I even learned how to teach others a few tricks in creativity...

Uh, Oh!  I'll tell you more in a few minutes... I gotta go settle an argument with my coffee...



 I'd never tell you that I might have inherited some type of "art gene ", but I've certainly gravitated to almost everything that had to do with painting, sculpture, music, ect, ect. ect, and I either attempted to try them all or focused on the few that really got me going.

  For as long as I remember, I could sing, write poetry, compose music, cook, paint and operate a camera like I was born to do it, and guess what?

 NONE of these talents were encouraged or thought of as money-makers until my later years (teens through 20-something)!

 Yet, I kept on "playing around " with them... and somehow there was always something going on "art-wise " in the background. The Ladies in my life often appreciated my amourous intentions and sensitivities when it came to courting, cuz I could sling a mean Love Poem like Paladin (Have Gun, Will Travel) on the quick- draw! LOL!

 As most of you fine folks already know, I have a penchant for altruistic efforts, and I'll readily volunteer for a lot of community causes.

 This past year, I was literally hooked into a Mural Project that involved weaving ( no Whisky jokes, please) a gigantic tapestry to help bring attention to the less fortunate people in Philadelphia. This tapestry is now on display in the lobby of the Free Library Of Philadelphia, awaiting final completion for it's impending outdoor hanging and dedication in October... ( WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS NOW!!!)

  I have also joined two local art- therapy projects and became a Facilitator at a third one. These programs bring art into the lives of low- functioning children and adults, as well as providing safer creative releases for people experiencing homeless-ness and/or people who are coming out of the prison system.

 I have just realized that I don't often mention these activities to my Apsense Family, cuz they all seem to be a Natural part of my everyday life.

 OK, so now that my cooperative attitude and personal humility have been established, you may PRAISE ME NOW! LOL!


   Back in March 2010,  one of a my fellow Facilitators mentioned that he had a project in mind for his Master's Thesis, and he wanted me to be a part of it- using my Photography skills in a six week imaging tour featuring theme of homeless-ness in and around town.

 Of course, I agreed to participate immediately, and when he said that he couldn't pay me very much money, I allowed ART to do the thinking and I still agreed...

 I'll indeed share the detailed story of that Photo- Voice tour with you all at a later time, but the jist of it was that  I had fortunately captured some awesome images, and some very smart folks determined that my images were "Gallery Worthy ", and there was a few phone calls made and a bunch of invitations sent out....

 I'm looking forward to regaling you guys with stories of my impending Pulitizer and Nobel Prizes and stuff like that, but I'll be statisfied if these images simply have a positive impact on the lives of my subjects.

 A few hugs and kisses and a plate or two of really some "bitchin' " Wine and Cheese is good enough for me, right now.....



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Member's comment

peaceful  Jul 10th, 2010
missedout: Would love to see theses photos. Let me know when you have some posted or where to go to view them.
I certainly will, MO! :) I didn't know wether you were a member here on (FatCat Sister Site) Apsense or not... in any case, WELCOME ABOARD and thank you for stopping by! :)

missedout  Jul 10th, 2010
Would love to see theses photos. Let me know when you have some posted or where to go to view them. Thanks!

peaceful  May 27th, 2010
pplcheryl63: So when to we get to see the photos from your big debut? Inquiring minds want to know :-)
I going to place the photos on my Apsense Ezine sometime after the gallery fallout subsides... There have been several inquiries from folks who want extend the show, and add more of my images to it.

The news folks have been snooping around, too, so it's quite possible that some of the show's featured images will pop up online... I'll search around for them, and let you know what I find... :)

pplcheryl63  May 26th, 2010
So when to we get to see the photos from your big debut? Inquiring minds want to know :-)

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