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A Few Reasons Why APSENSE Is Better Than Facebook.....

Posted Date: Feb 4th, 2010 18:22 | Hits: 1288

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1.) No Matter How Many RIDICULOUS LOOKING AVATARS You Wish To Try Out, they will NEVER be seen By 300,000,000 Members....

2.) No Matter How Many Times You MIS-SPELL COMMON WORDS IN YOUR ARTICLES AND COMMENTS, Your Errors Will Never Be Laughed At By 300,000,000 Members...

3.) If You Should Ever Happen To Become INSPIRED TO PLACE AN ADVERTISEMENT IN OUR MARKETPLACE After "Sampling" Large Amounts Of Grog, Ale Or Whisky, You Can Be Assured That Your Attempt Won't Be Virally Spread All Over The Internet By 300,000,000 Members...

 I welcome you all to seek out your own reasons why APSENSE simply is the better choice over those bigtime, lost-in-the-crowd ( Until you do something stupid, that is...) social networks.

 Welcome Home To Apsense! It Feels Like FAMILY Over Here! :)

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Member's comment

Frank McMillon  Feb 21st, 2010
I'll add this, no matter how members join APSense, we'll always know that APSensers are about networking, having fun and tending to business!!!

peaceful  Feb 17th, 2010
elceelee: That scholarship dudes picture scares me! I think it should be the pic for the "no more shaving" a.
That is exactly why we Apsense folks will soon CONQUER the social networking world, elceelee! LOL!

Those Facebookers are gonna get "APP-ED" TO DEATH... just you wait and see!

elceelee  Feb 17th, 2010
That scholarship dude's picture scares me! I think it should be the pic for the "no more shaving" ad.

All those crazy applications on facebook drive me crazy--I do not want a farm or a heart or a snowball or to be a mafia member...........

pplcheryl63  Feb 4th, 2010
Now if I can just get access to my games. APSense Wars anyone? Uh no we can skip that one. I just realized us Admins would end up the targets in the boss fights. :-)

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