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Pretend With Me That It Is January 1st , 2011.....

Posted Date: Dec 17th, 2009 17:25 | Hits: 432

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That's right January 1st, 2011....

 Now, as an Apsense Family Exercise-- I want each of you to write a letter to a friend that tells him or her about ALL of your achievements and rewards (awards, too!) AS IF YOU HAD ACCOMPLISHED THEM, just the way you always wanted to... Your success story should be based exactly on what you are working on RIGHT NOW, OK?

 Go into detail about your success(es) and be sure to share your all of JOY and other happy feelings.



 Dear Lori,

 Looks like I will be joining you in Belgium next week, after all!!!

  Remember that business meeting that I was telling you about in my email two days ago? Well now, Lady- Of- My- Life,  they liked my presentation so much that they offered me $100,000 and a plane ticket to Dallas, just so that their Big Honcho could hear my spiel in a PRIVATE setting-- AND they have agreed to back me on ALL of my marketing ideas for their new "Century Life" product!!!

 They said that my projected budget of  $ 2. 25 Million for the promotion was a bargain, and that it was one of the most accurate and valid assessments that they have ever seen. All 14 VP's stamped my documents with their Personal Seals Of Approval and Agreement, and gave me a tour of my new offices....


 Get the idea? Ok, I wanna see some great letters, OK?


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Member's comment

peaceful  Dec 18th, 2009
pplcheryl63: It will vbe a few days before I can even think about writing the letter!
That's why I wanted to push this one out to you fine folks a little bit early! LOL!

pplcheryl63  Dec 17th, 2009
It will vbe a few days before I can even think about writing the letter!

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