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Be aware of the scams during the holidays

Posted Date: Dec 8th, 2009 19:26 | Hits: 445

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Just a reminder that the scammers are not taking a vacation. I've been reminded of that fact by several phone calls I've received over the past couple of days.  I tend to get a lot of Telemarketer calls for different marketing programs etc so I now screen all incoming calls for the past two days I have gotten calls from a company in Florida that is on so many scams reports it made my head spin.

Please be aware and before you get involved with any organization that calls you out of the blue, check them out thoroughly!  This company is not only scamming people out of money but they are asking for information that they have no business asking for!  Please for your own safety do a check online and see what comes up. Also check with the Better Business Bureau fpr complaints.

Understand that no business is completely free of complaints, but a pattern of complaints over the same issue or unresolved complaints could very well be an indication of a problem.

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