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And whose bright idea was it?

Posted Date: Dec 1st, 2009 16:39 | Hits: 540

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Some days you just have to laugh at a comedy of errors, an so it was for me this morning.  I got up and went outside in the damp cold air to run a few errands including filling the tank on a friend's car.  It's a beautiful car a 1975 Black Covette Stingray like the one in the photo.  This lead to some revelations.

The first was that this is not a cold weather car.  So I circled the neighborhood a few times to get it warmed up and then straight to the pumps.  I don't trust any car including my own when the needle is on E.  So I fill the tank get in and attempt to start her up.  Oh no she turns over but that's it.  I frequent this corner store so the clerks know me.  And very helpfully offered to give me a jump that's when we ran into the problem.  I pop the hood and no battery!

So myself and a clerk are searching high and low in the engine compartment but we cannot find a battery anywhere.  I end up calling my friend and all I can say is who was the brain giant that decided a good place for a battery is behind the driver's seat?  So now we've found the battery and the next challenge is positioning the other car so the jumper cables can reach.  Then we found out that you can't jump a V-8 unless it's with another V-8.  Luckily a Dodge Durango (V-8 yippee!) pulls into the pump next to me and the very nice young man agreed to guve me a jump as soon as he filled up.  (I don't drive a Durango because they are bottomless pits when it comes to the gas tank!)

So he get's topped off and we go through the whole positioning workout...again.  And then finally, the Vette starts. Jumper cables removed and I came straight home! no errands today!  But I have been wondering all day why anyone would put a battery behind the driver's seat, and to make matters worse a side post battery on top of it all.   I can't help but think the design team was smoking something and not cigarettes!


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pplcheryl63  Dec 4th, 2009
My thoughts on Vettes has always been "All style, no substance." If you are going to have a "muscle car" then get a real Muscle car.

peaceful  Dec 4th, 2009
Although that Corvette didn't make the list for one of the World's Worst Cars:,29569,1658545,00.html

-- there is a Corvette on the list that will make you wonder WTH they were thinking! LOL!

You can find Images of each of these cars by pasting the listing into Google's image search... have BIG fun! :)

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