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Market yourself not your products

Posted Date: Oct 16th, 2009 17:28 | Hits: 405

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I think we all agree that when someone knew breaks into network marketing the "newbie" becomes overwhelmed with the idea of if I bombard people with my business they will come. Well, this is not Field of Dreams, and I have not been in internet marketing for very long, but with the help of great contacts.....friends be it here on Apsense, Viralnetworks, Directmatches, or any other social network site I belong everyone has been helpful and has said the samething, "Be consistant in what you are into, and connect on more of a social level than a business level.

At some point people will be into what you are doing and will either start to ask questions, or they may be into the same you are and may have insight on how to be better at it.

I have been seeing that more and more. I add health/fitness tips on nutrition, exercises, how certain products from what I am involved has made my life and my family's life better and people become interested. Does it mean people will come then? No it does not, but getting people interested is a start. Even if you get one signup, that is one more than you previously had.

So I say to all the new people coming to Apsense, just give a little about yourself, and of course what you do, but be sociable more. Let people know who you are and what you are about, and maybe, just maybe your dreams will turn into the "Field of Dreams."

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Member's comment

shaddock67  Oct 17th, 2009
Thanks Bj!

Bjantiques  Oct 16th, 2009
This is excellent advice Chris, I hope that people take it on board.

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