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new phishing email alert

Posted Date: Oct 15th, 2009 06:37 | Hits: 681

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The following is an example of a new phishing email.

Dear user of the mailing service!
We are informing you that because of the security upgrade of the mailing service your mailbox ( settings were changed. In order to apply the new set of settings click on the following link:
Best regards, Technical Support.

the above is what you see but the link leads to

Note how they have created a subdomain of at the domain

I am not worried about posting this example as  I successfully got the domain terminated  by the registrar that it was registered with, however  be warned this moron has created a lot of domains and  many of them are .eu but they could be using  any DL or TDL extension.

Now this was very easy for me to spot as a scam as  I am the sole controler of what happens on  but if you are using  an email service supplied by someone else  BEWARE. as it wont be easy for you to spot.

Look out for any subject line  like
A new settings file for the
Settings have been changed for  xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xx
and so on.

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