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Good looks can close

Posted Date: Oct 13th, 2009 03:37 | Hits: 513

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They say that "appearance isn't everything." It's the "inside" that counts. But I'm not so sure...

My friend Ashok is a graphic designer at a very successful design firm in Kolkata (formerly – Calcutta). But in their early days, they had the hardest time landing contracts. They'd send out professional proposals, but no one was interested. Why? Ashok says it boils down to "people in the visual arts world can be treated superficially... sometimes image is everything."

Things changed the day they embellished their proposal. Using fancier paper, a letterhead and an artistic signature was all it took to close deals like Madison Avenue mad men!

While the appearance of your proposal can easily be changed, remember that you need to start from a solid "inside." 

The proposal - the formal business offer is essentially a sales pitch that will clearly demonstrate how, when and why you can successfully deliver products or services to the buyer.

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They say that "appearance isn't everything." It's the "inside" that counts. But I'm not so sure... My friend Ashok is a graphic designer at a very successful design firm in Kolkat...
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peaceful  Oct 14th, 2009
Because of the many networking events that I have attended, I have observed actions and situations that can support your statement many times over...

We Humans are very much visual creatures, and we all have a sense of what might be pleasing to our eyes at any given time.

Of course, the actual mechanism that makes offline business networking so appealing, is that we have that chance to actually meet with potential clients and or partners "Face To Face " and really check each other out.

Attractive "looks " may also apply to our methods of correspondance from our websites, blogs, business cards and so on...

It never hurts to be current with trends and certainly, "Style " counts ! :)

pplcheryl63  Oct 13th, 2009
Very good advice. Yes appearance does count. When I go on appointments I have to be conscious of how I dress. I can't be sloppy in appearance but over-dressing can be just as damaging

IdrisIndia  Oct 13th, 2009
Thanks for addition and comments. Yes! I agree with. It's not only concern with over-dressing that can be as damaging, but every excessing the limit , can be harmful either for image, trust or health

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