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The Heartbreak Of Zombie Attack.... :)

Posted Date: Sep 30th, 2009 18:01 | Hits: 458

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Are Subtle Attacks By The Living Dead Infesting Your Posts?

Your Masterpiece.

 You have slavishly toiled for days on end to create your perfect "Brilliant Beacon Of Blogdom ". Working long into the wee hours, often without taking a break to "wee " off some of the gallons of coffee, or at least to bandage those bleeding fingers of yours....

 Finally it's ready, and you post your "Baby " for the whole world to see, and perhaps to richly comment on your almost "Other Worldly " Inspirations and Observations.

 When you recieve a notice that your Comment Box has been visited, you rush to log on to your blogging site with expectant glee, and you find staring back at you, with vicious coldness, the words:

"Me, too. "

 Yes, you have just been visited by the "Living Dead ", my Friend.

 They are "Animated " but they do not Live.... or even bother to read.

 They will type one or two words, or in a show of unreal zest, cut and paste something entirely irrelevant in response to your heroic efforts. Maybe even Spam.... Yeech!

 In order to prevent such attacks from becoming habit, or even increasing in volume (There are endless numbers of these creeps), I encourage you to energetically take steps to admonish the offending wraith by deleting the comment, but not before you report him/her to your friendly Admin...

 These Zombies really do eat "Brains ", and you and your work are always on the menu. Encourage and guide your respondants into conversively satisfying responses whenever you can.

 Please don't allow the Zombies to even get wind that your postings might be a viable feeding ground...

ZOMBIES- They Will Leave You Alone If You Don't Feed 'Em...

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Member's comment

Lisa G.  Oct 1st, 2009
peaceful: Thank you, Babygirl! :) I have noticed a few Zombies kind of mincing their way into some of the
hehe.. I remember well.. getting comments.. I'd go in to respond.. and sit dumb founded..when it was an

peaceful  Oct 1st, 2009
Lisa G.: Im a big chicken.. aint going to be no zombies here.. lol.. (pulling the garlic out..) :Im here.....
Thank you, Babygirl! :)

I have noticed a few Zombies kind of mincing their way into some of the really good posts... Just can't let that happen here... (Remember Apsense 1.0?)

Lisa G.  Oct 1st, 2009
I'm a big chicken.. aint' going to be no zombies here.. lol.. (pulling the garlic out..) :I'm here..I'm here.. really me.. and zombies.. I do really read the master piece I'm not a bot! he he.

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