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What does a penny have in common with bamboo?

Posted Date: Sep 28th, 2009 10:24 | Hits: 408

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Let's talk about a penny, one little cent.  It does not seem like much does it.  But that one little penny is the basis of all wealth.  You can't have a millon dollars without having a penny first.

But it's not about a single penny but what you do with that penny.  Suppose you simply doubled what you had each day starting with that single penny?

Day 1 you would have one penny

Day 2 - 4 pennies

Day 3 -8 Pennies

Day 4 - 16 pennies

Day 5 - 32 pennies

Day 6 - 64 pennies

Day 7 - you would have $1.28

Not very much growth in the first week.  This is why most people quit their opportunity.  They don't see any measurable growth.  However let's look at week two of simply doubling what you have each day.  On the 14th day you would have $163.84.  But during this 3rd week you would see significant growth, on the 21st day you would have $20971.52.

So what does this mean to us?  Look at the power of that penny?  Suppose you applied the same concept to your business?  How much stronger would it be in 3 weeks?  4 weeks? 2 months?  The effort you put into your business works like compounded interest.  as long as you continue to put in the effort , you continue to build momentum.  If you doubled your efforts think how much momentum you would have built.

The key to being successful in any business is having the vision to see beyond the challenges of today to the payout that comes back farther down the line.  You have to be disciplined though to continue putting that effort in day after day even when it seems that nothing is happening.  but when you stop putting int he effort you lose your momentum and have to start over. 

It's like bamboo.  Keep watering it day after day and one day it will burst from the ground and rapidly grow, stop watering one day and all the growth that occurs underground where you can't see it stops.  Once growth stops you have to start all over again from the beginning.  It's much easier to maintain momentum than create it.


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