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Self Differentiation

Posted Date: Sep 17th, 2009 06:20 | Hits: 1263

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Most people do not realize the power of knowing themselves and developing a sense of awareness that is directed towards the self. The term “self-differentiation” is said to have been coined by Murray Bowen, a leading psychotherapist. Most online business gurus recognize that the true key to success is to be able to connect effectively with oneself, and differentiate the self from all other factors. To be a truly successful online entrepreneur, it is important to self differentiate. An inability to differentiate oneself from others will cause unhealthy associations and lead to the individual wrongly placing responsibility on external factors. Self differentiation provides the person with a platform that will enable maximum growth in every field.

The term “Self Differentiation” is used to describe a person who can attribute to emotional processes the internal workings of their own self without bringing in any external factors. People who have achieved self differentiation have the ability to function as autonomous human beings without being overly dependent on others, and without uncalled for anxiety. Self Differentiation is characteristic of a person whose self worth is not determined by external factors, and is truly self sufficient.

Self differentiation is an asset to an online business and is a process that can be brought about by many factors. The most important factor is to figure out where you feature in the big picture, whether it is with regards to family, business, your social circle or with any other associations that you might have. It also involves taking responsibility for your life without drifting away from external associations. It develops autonomy by directing the self towards achieving business goals and targets, while simultaneously developing transparency with your business process. Self differentiating also means that you should be able to understand what you are capable of achieving and what you will not be able to do. The most important thing that one needs to know about self-differentiation is to know that one is responsible to others, but not for them. This will help you outline your business goals and manage a team of employees should you get involved in MLM.

Self differentiation begins with a sense of self awareness through understanding your thoughts, sensations, intentions, feelings and behavior patterns. It also requires a sense of acceptance, validation and empathy towards ones self. Learning to differentiate ones self from others also means developing interpersonal and personal skills such as risk taking, imagery, the ability to deal with conflicts, diversity, meditation and communication skills.

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Self Differentiation Sep 17th, 2009 06:20
Most people do not realize the power of knowing themselves and developing a sense of awareness that is directed towards the self. The term “self-differentiation” is said to have been coine...

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