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To be a puppet or not - That is the question...

Posted Date: Aug 19th, 2009 14:12 | Hits: 582

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I can Never stress enough the need to do your own due dillegence on virtually any and every matter known or unknown to mankind. Just what the solution is or isn't to healthcare is well beyond me...however jumping to conclusions without carefull consideration and deliberation is, simply put, stupid. But then again, why are you listening to me? Go figure it out for yourself! :)

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To be a puppet or not - That is the question... Aug 19th, 2009 14:12

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glnagy  Aug 20th, 2009
Lisa G.: I love listening to Rachel. She gets right to the bottom of whats going on - and does it with such.
She definitely impressed me!

BigRocky99  Aug 20th, 2009
when you use the word 'stupid' are you plagerizing Obama's INFAMOUS word......just kiding......

Lisa G.  Aug 19th, 2009
I love listening to Rachel. She gets right to the bottom of what's going on - and does it with such finesse.

peaceful  Aug 19th, 2009
The Neo-Cons are still at it... Thanks for sharing this, gman...

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