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Scams Scams Everywhere!

Posted Date: Aug 13th, 2009 09:19 | Hits: 512

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Just a friendly reminder about scams.  Please be aware that there are more scams out there today than there were six months ago. 

The old standby Nigerian scam is still going strong.  It's still going strong because someone is falling for it.  Even after all this time, people still fall for it.  The only difference is they are are taking a different tack.  I have gotten e-mails from "Nigerian officials".  And if you look them up they may be listed as a real Nigerian official and saying that they are trying to return money that was scammed from you.  If you never fell for this scam to begin with, how do they have money to return to you?

Of course we have all the so called work from home programs.  Please be realistic in this.  While there are legitimate opportunities out there put these opportunities to the acid test.  Is there are real product?  Does the product have a value?  Do you have to recruit to make money.  Can you make money just by selleng the product? Does the opportunity claim you can just sign up and make money?  A little common sense goes a long way.  The biggest tip off is if they claim you will make thousands of dollars.

Mortgage scams are real big right now.  Companies are claiming they will keep you in your home and make foreclosures "go away".  There are some legitimate companies out there like Primerica and UFirst Financial that are on the up and up but these companies are financial planners.  The best thing you can do if you are having trouble meeting your mortgage payments is to first talk to a lawyer, they may be able to negotiate for you or talk to a financial planner who can probably help you map out your cash flow and adjust who you pay.  Be wary of the many Credit repair companies.  Investigate them thoroughly.

Payday loans while they are not "scams" they are not your friend.  Read the fine print on the interest they charge.  Most charge the highest interest they can legally charge.  The interests rates are almost always borderline usury.  They may also have a clause that allows them to garnish your wages.  But the biggest risk is getting caught in a cycle of borrowing.  You get that payday loan today and it must be paid off in 30 days to avoid the usurious interest charges.  When you pay the loan you don't have enough to cover your bills and must take out another loan.

Please do not deal with any of those companies that are listed in the classied section of the National Enquirer.  99% of those are scams.  How do I know?  The last time I looked in there, I noticed a company that was advertising "new" identities.   A new Identity with all of the accompanying documentation.

The thin is to be aware of what seems to good to be true.  It usually is.

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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Aug 16th, 2009
Lisa G.: It is all craziness. Its sad, that so many of us struggle, and when we need financial aid the most.
It is sad that banks are allowed to strong arm us like this.

Lisa G.  Aug 16th, 2009
pplcheryl63: By the way it was reported that banks had a banner year of Collecting NSF fees in 2008 over $34.7 bi
It is all craziness. It's sad, that so many of us struggle, and when we need financial aid the most, (sometimes.. even having to take a loan to keep a roof over our head and food on the table)... these organizations sock it to us where it hurts the most.. below the belt.. in our pockets. Ouch! One missed payment.. and a manageable finance charge can turn into a night mare in insanely high interest rates! arrrrghhh.

pplcheryl63  Aug 13th, 2009
By the way it was reported that banks had a banner year of Collecting NSF fees in 2008 over $34.7 billion. The average household paid out $343.

In Texas alone over banks collected $3.2 billion!

Yes in every case I do mean BILLION! This from the people folding left and right on a daily basis. It's obvious the banks are in the current predicament due to greed. Unlike the small business closing it's doors, banks are making billions each year off of penalizing us!

pplcheryl63  Aug 13th, 2009
Banks. I got caught up in that one this past week. A bank made an error on a check presented to me and marked it NSF. The check was good it actually was a bank error. So my bank hit me with an NSF charge. I now have to jump through hoops to have the other bank reimburse me the fee I had to pay because of their error!

peaceful  Aug 13th, 2009
It's a known fact that the best way for a scam to go on undetected is for it to HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT.... Credit Card Companies, 401K Plans, Bernie Madoff... I rest my case.

pplcheryl63  Aug 13th, 2009
Dale/Stacey/Emma: So true, a little COMMON sense goes a long way, unfortunately common sense is an uncommon attribute
It's a toss up whether they lack common sense or suffer from the old deadly sins of greed and sloth.

They think they can get something handed to them on a silver platter with no effort on their part.

But then again it is stupid to think anyone gets a free ride.

Dale/Stacey/Emma  Aug 13th, 2009
So true, a little COMMON sense goes a long way, unfortunately common sense is an uncommon attribute these days in a lot of ppl(Re: why stupidity never goes out of style)

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