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The First Thing I Look At On A Woman Is Her...

Posted Date: Aug 10th, 2009 10:18 | Hits: 516

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Giggle Face!

 Good Golly, Miss Molly!

 In case you haven't figured it out yet, I LOVE a Woman that laughs, and I especially love a Woman that can make me laugh! Over at GLAM they are having a writing contest that features funny stories from Women... I have been sneaking over there to look at a few, and I am POSITIVE that the Apsense Ladies can make a great showing over there, mainly because of some of the absolutely side-splitting GEMS that they have shared with me on Apsense 1.0 and here at 2.0.

 Usually, as Cheryl Baumgartner has noted, it seems that I am the ONLY Dude in the "House " with a bunch of Beautiful Gals. One of the mysterious reasons for this might briefly and scientifically stated:

"My Momma Didn't Raise Me To Be A Fool! "

The other reasons might be that some of the other guys ( COOL DUDES-you know who you are-- Not Included here) might be somewhat pre-posessed with all the excitement going on, and are not quite sure what exactly to do on a Business/ SOCIAL Network:

HINT: It involves a little bit more than just showing up, placing an ad, and then running off...

 Now, it occurs to me sometimes that Earth Women might get a stuck in that "Demure and Delicate " thing (Around males) which seems to be almost genetically ingrained in their upbringing-- I actively encourage them to read about their Klingon Sisters and perhaps take the first opportunity to fiercely practice what they have learned from them, on their Significant Others ( but not on me-- until my Birthday, that is, thank you...) and "Boldly go where no Woman.... bla, bla, bla..." , you know...

 All kidding aside, I know that humour is so good for you, that Moms and Muthas, make that Mothers all over the World, should make their children gobble down extra helpings of same before they get any dessert.

 One place that really could use LOTS of Feminine Humour is COMIC WONDER , gee, they are begging for more Women to call in those jokes! :)

 I have been reading a book about funny women that covers all of the great gals in comedy, and I swear, it's better than any Nekkid Lady Magazine, as a "Turn On " for me... ( Geez, maybe I AM a little TOO easy...) !

 Well, anyways here are some clips from some very funny women that you might have heard of:

Chelsea Handler , Margaret Cho , Tracy Ullman , Whoopi Goldberg , Courtney Cronin

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Member's comment

Ian B  Jun 21st, 2010
LOL thats seriously funny :-)

peaceful  Aug 10th, 2009
pplcheryl63: Yes if theres more than one APSense lady gathered on a post ROFL! is a guarantee that you are ther.
My Instincts are very much intact after all of these centuries. I am so very proud of this that my eyes are misting up... LOL! :)

pplcheryl63  Aug 10th, 2009
Yes if there's more than one APSense lady gathered on a post ROFL! is a guarantee that you are there.

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