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How much can you really accomplish?

Posted Date: Jul 25th, 2009 11:19 | Hits: 527

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Over the Weekend I spent in Dallas, this clip was shown as part of our training. How far can you really go? Do you quit at a certain point or dig down deep to find that little bit extra. Are you like a flea? Fleas can leap amazing distances but if you put them in a shoebox with a lid, they learn that they can only jump so high and will not jump higher than the distance to the lid although they are capable of jumping many times that distance. Once the coach took away Brock's sight, he could not see that lid any longer and went way beyond what he thought he could do to what he was capable of doing

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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Jul 29th, 2009
Lisa G.: Wow.. that clip brought tears to my eyes.. Amazing how many of us -- somewhere in our life time --
That clip brought tear to me eye too.

pplcheryl63  Jul 29th, 2009
The link to the second clip in the comments is actually the 12 steps to honor scene From Men of Honor.

Lisa G.  Jul 29th, 2009
Wow.. that clip brought tears to my eyes..
Amazing how many of us -- somewhere in our life time -- in some form or fashion, have been told that we cant' do it -- or we can't go any further - or that we are not good enough.. that we will never reach our dreams --

Thanks Cheryl. I believe I needed this.

I'm going to picture that little tiny flea from now on - hitting the top of the shoe box..too hehe.. I never knew that.

pplcheryl63  Jul 27th, 2009
Another clip that shows that we can accomplish way more than we think we can, all we need is determination. In this clip from the movie Men of Honor, Cuba Gooding plays the First Black US Navy Master Diver, Carl Brashear. In this clip from the Movie Brashear must take 12 steps in full diving gear.

That does not sound like much until you add in the fact that Brashear had lost his leg due to an accident that occurred during a salvage mission 2 years prior. In the clip he is before a medical review board and his determination convinced the board to return him to full active duty as a certified Diver. He was the first amputee to be certified as a diver.

pplcheryl63  Jul 25th, 2009
What Barrier! I don't see any barrier. You must be imagining things. ;-)

peaceful  Jul 25th, 2009
In Life and the Living of It.... Championship Level BARRIER SMASHING is a required sport, if you wish to accomplish ANYTHING for yourself, that is... :)

Thanks, Cheryl!

I am glad that you are one of the achievers in this World who seems to have gotten to a point where "Limit-less-ness" actually means something! :)

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