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 You can believe that somewhere, at some time-- perhaps a long time ago, somebody thought that it would be a great idea to invent the platform(s) that supports all of the online stuff that we are effortlessly enjoying today.

 In many professional assessments and opinions, that dude would be Marc Adreessen , one of the co/founders of Netscape along with Jim Clark . Both of these fellows remain prolific thinkers and investment "angels" for lots of stuff that we are enjoying, such as Twitter, NING,and Facebook...

 Now, of course, I am not about to bore you guys and gals with a long list of dusty old facts about how these dudes got destroyed by BG and Micro-Monster-Soft, but it's interesting that they became multi-billionaires who didn't just throw in the towel after starting the Dot-Com Boom , and living all the way through the Dot-Com Bust...

 Still very Entreprenurial and Innovation-minded ( with serious cash to spread around) , these guys are funding some companies that might just become the Golden Re-Birth Of The (Smarter) Internet with implications that will require some extra brainstorming for us business-folk.

 Andreessen Horowitz Investments happens to be one of the only Venture Capitalists companies to actually RAISE SIGNIFICANT MONEY this year, while others are experiencing a 13 year low...

 This might suggest that there are other folks who might have a shared vision of how much the Internet will, indeed play an even bigger role in our lives. if that's at all possible...

Now for the juicy advice to all of you whom I love so dearly....


 I'm saying this because of that tendancy to allow all of the "bad news" to bounce all of your "Good Stuff" around, until it becomes scary to even think about creating something wonderful for your Life.

So, even if you might find yourself in a bit of a jam...

It's very important that you hang on to your Ideas and Adventures and Never Let Go!

Ever Expanding Your Vision...

 Until You Find A Need Or Desire That Must be Filled..... (The Blonde Keyboard)

And You Fill It, Expertly And Effortlessly...


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peaceful  Jul 15th, 2009
Lisa G.: Neat info!! Always room for new ideas -- so true! Technology has gone so fast - even in the past
Every time I open the cover to a new issue of Fast Company Or Wired Magazine, I'm holding my breath in tingling anticipation at the prospect of seeing something that's at least new to me... I'm simply amazed that folks can actually entertain the thought of being bored with it all-- They ain't livin' Life right, to put it bluntly... LOL! :)

Lisa G.  Jul 15th, 2009
Neat info!! Always room for new ideas -- so true!
Technology has gone so fast - even in the past few years.
I wonder what's next? I am still amazed by it all.

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