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Understanding Computer And Internet Jargon... :)

Posted Date: Jul 7th, 2009 11:48 | Hits: 675

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This is for those of us who still might have some difficulty in grasping ahold of those pesky Internet and Computer terms... Lots of stuff seems to have changed overnight, and if you have a feeling that you might not be current in your knowlege of our main tools, then you probably are in need....

This extensive and monitored resource will help you learn such information about the meaning of terms such as:

CGI -- (Common Gateway Interface)
A set of rules that describe how a Web Server communicates with another piece of software on the same machine, and how the other piece of software (the ?CGI program?) talks to the web server. Any piece of software can be a CGI program if it handles input and output according to the CGI standard.

See also: Server, WWW

The most common name of a directory on a web server in which CGIprograms are stored.

See also: CGI

A software program that is used to contact and obtain data from a Server software program on another computer, often across a great distance. EachClient program is designed to work with one or more specific kinds of Server programs, and each Server requires a specific kind of Client. A Web Browser is a specific kind of Client.

See also: Browser, Client, Server

Most often used to refer to having a server that belongs to one person or group physically located on an Internet-connected network that belongs to another person or group. Usually this is done because the server owner wants their machine to be on a high-speed Internet connection and/or they do not want the security risks of having the server on thier own network.

See also: Internet (Upper case I), Network, Server

The most common meaning of "Cookie" on the Internet refers to a piece of information sent by a Web Server to a Web Browser that the Browser software is expected to save and to send back to the Server whenever the browser makes additional requests from the Server.


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Lisa G.  Jul 9th, 2009
peaceful: Usually cats wont look forward to a tub bath, but my late "Jackie The Ripper" used to LOVE water so.
ha ha .. wow! Jackie was certainly unusual.
We had a Pekingese pooch that loved to jump in the bath tub, if I was busy playing with my rubber foggy and duck. (I was a kid ..wink wink). No -- really I was ha ha. That dog used to make me mad doing that. My mother always thought I coached him in. and I'd get in trouble, lol. Little rascal dog.

peaceful  Jul 9th, 2009
Lisa G.: ha ha. I had a cat once -- that when I had to go to work, he would hop up on top of my stove and ch
Usually cats won't look forward to a tub bath, but my late "Jackie The Ripper" used to LOVE water so much, she would jump right into the sink with the dishes, while I was doing them! LOL!

Lisa G.  Jul 9th, 2009
ha ha. I had a cat once -- that when I had to go to work, he would hop up on top of my stove and check it out for water proofing - to put it nicely - lol. I had to keep my stove top covered. The vet said that he knew exactly what he was doing and why.
Good thing there were no lap tops in those days.

peaceful  Jul 8th, 2009
Lisa G.: As long as that puppy is not on that keyboard shorting out the circuits. Dont think its water pr..
Maybe he works in the Test Lab for Geek Pet Owners Who Don't Have A Clue... LOL! :)

Lisa G.  Jul 8th, 2009
As long as that puppy is not on that keyboard shorting out the circuits. Don't think it's water proof -- ha ha. I'll go with answer F - otherwise, that puppy would be in the dog house for sure. Hope they have insurance on that lap top..ha ha.

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