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 Don't even try to answer that question, it's meant to be a humourous attempt at gaining your attention for a few moments, while I bust a few chops on some clunkers in the Motivation Industry...!

 Somehow, each and every one of those Hyper-Successful, Penultimate Achievers seems to forget that they are mainly "preaching to the choir" when it comes to their craft...

 I am referring mainly to the stellar list of speakers and panelists that lighted up the joint at the GET MOTIVATED Business Seminar that surged into town last week.

 With ticket prices for the best access ranging from $250.00 a pop (OK, there were some $5.00 entrance coupons in the newspaper ads, if you knew where to look...) and a restricted venue (A five star hotel in the Snob-burbs), one would have to be seriously "Motivated" already BEFORE attending such an event.

 The appearance of Celebrities and Public Leaders just might be enough to inspire some folks to "Get Off Their Duff, And Go Out And Do Some Stuff! " but I'm guessing that lots of the attendees were well-off enough on their own.. ( lots of gratis tickets and free food can fill a room or two).

 What really got to me about this whole thing was that one of the $5.00 coupon attendees-- who had handed me his Get Motivated Workbook , said," This event seems to be more for a "High Energy" person like you, rather than it is for me." --

 Now, mind you, my buddy is an entreprenuer with several businesses and new projects going on, and he has been around the block a time or two-- he is a real "Rocket Scientist" having worked in the Aero-space industry at NASA, and such...

 Don't you think that a High Achieving person such as he would feel the "Magic" of such an event? Why, yes of course you would, but you might be forgetting one little thing...

 THE HUMAN CONDITION -- The Breadth and Depth of which we ourselves might never understand. "Motivational Industrial-lites" tend to believe that a few jolts and examples of success can set anybody straight again on the road to glorious success, this simplistic point of view, does have it's merits in some ways, but i say  that the Human condition requuires much more attending to than some of these fine folks would have you to believe.

 For example, I have two younger writers who have latched on to me, as an inspiring and resourceful "Older Dude"-- they enjoy listening to me talk about business, and they like my tendency to share resourceful links and stuff like that.( Oh, well, maybe one day their finer skills of discernment will develop into better choices of mentors...). So wouldn't you know that they still get scared when they have to write an article on their own, without my help or supervision?

 I mean, these dudes seem to need an outright Parent to stand and goad them into working! Yeah, they wanna be rich, famous and all that but they can't get up enough "Me-Juice" to get going.... DUH?

 Yes, I have discovered-- We are not machines, or plug-ins or programs, if we were-- Life would simply be a matter of getting "Motivated"...

"The Human Condition Requires A Constant And Consistant Attending To...."


 I believe that Humans can blossom into whatever they wish to be, provided that they themselves allow that blossoming to become a part of their own condition...

 So, my gentle chop-busting says that it's great to have all of the stars and celebs, and bombastic music and fireworks, and stuff like that-- I love a good time, but that's so very superficial to a lot of folks, and an outright waste to some. Those whose Human Condition has brought about many different and personal concerns, need attending to...



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Member's comment

peaceful  Jun 24th, 2009
Lisa G.: Enjoyed your article Peaceful!! Kudos!
Thank you so very much for stopping by, LisaG....

Here's a link to Buzzillions, a review site for todays Internet... It doesn't pay anything, and a review of this seminar is on there...

peaceful  Jun 24th, 2009
shaddock67: All to true. back in the Army I was introduced to Amway, went to a meeting, and I thought I was in c
I was a Watkins door to door salesman wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day... My experience took the sheen and shinola off of ANY of this new "Motivational " programming... LOL!

peaceful  Jun 24th, 2009
pplcheryl63: One of the reasons I avoid those "Business" Briefings. Sorry a room full of people jumping around a
It's a sure sign that something ain't right when it feels like you are in a Twilight Zone episode... Way too much "Plastic" for me....

shaddock67  Jun 24th, 2009
All to true. back in the Army I was introduced to Amway, went to a meeting, and I thought I was in church or something. Its one thing to go to a seminar, be it business, motivational, etc, its another thing to be like you have the Holy Ghost in you!!!!

Lisa G.  Jun 23rd, 2009
Enjoyed your article Peaceful!! Kudos!

Lisa G.  Jun 23rd, 2009
hehehe... that's right Cheryl. Some are experts at making you feel so good and motivated till you walk under the little green sign over the door that says E-X-I-T
Good quote by Flavor Flav..haha.

pplcheryl63  Jun 23rd, 2009
One of the reasons I avoid those "Business" Briefings. Sorry a room full of people jumping around and yelling "hallelujah" belongs in church.

Or in the Immortal words of Flavor Flav "Don't,! Don't! Don't! Don't believe the hype." Probably 80 to 90% of this "Motivational" stuff is feel good hype. The felling lasts as long as it takes you to walk out the door.

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