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If ever there was a reason to plan for your funeral, this is it

Posted Date: Jun 20th, 2009 20:34 | Hits: 444

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Most of us tend to try to ignore the idea of our final transition.  I am a big proponent of pre-needs funeral arrangements.  It's cheaper, it doesn't eat up your life insurance policy and the family is not left at the mercy of greedy undertakers.

Well now I have another reason.  It seems that police in San Antonio today found a body in an abandoned funeral home, all dressed up for the funeral with no place to go.  Seems the old girl has been hanging around and traveling around the city since 2004. 

This poor woman should be resting in peace, not dragged all over creation.  The sad part is that the only reason she hasn't been laid to rest  Lack thereof.  I find this disrespectful in the extreme.  At least I already know that I'm destined for a crematorium after which I'll be scattered with Gayle. 

Okay I admit I have dragged her from Florida to Texas but she is safely in an urn meant for keeping the ashes of your loved ones near.  Not all dressed up and hanging around.  Why this woman could not at least have been cremated in the past 5 years is just unbelievable.  There are a couple of words the funeral industry would do well to learn around here.  Charity and decency.



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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Jun 22nd, 2009
I'm not sure that it's costing them anything to keep her around
She could already have been buried by the state/County but That would not get them as much money as they would get out of the family. I thing they were just holding the body for ransom.

glnagy  Jun 22nd, 2009
Decency and all that'd think the cost of keeping her around would have had some effect on their decision??

pplcheryl63  Jun 21st, 2009
They could have easily cremated her by now. Why is this woman's body being disrespectfully dragged all over town. And now what? Will she spend the next 5 years in the police' evidence room?

Kevin  Jun 20th, 2009
*shakes his head* How dare they, how dare they. Geesh!

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