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 During my last break (Did you miss me?), I was away from computers and the Internet for a much longer time than I thought was possible for me...

 Although I was not "working" in one sense of the word, I was very busy in my attempt to "unbusy" myself and actually re-learn to enjoy the act of "Doin Nothin' ". Catering to a truly unusual mood for TV (Yuk!), I was watching a few old sitcoms on TV Land  when an episode of "Bob Newhart" made my ears "prick up", so to speak... The premise of the episode focused on a sort of "freeze" in the passionate relationship of the main characters, and the funny stuff that folks will do in order to try and "fix" things.

 Well, to make a long, funny story short, there was an old lady on this show who told the female character that great sex was not the only element to a long lasting marriage, but also being able to provide "Peace Of Mind" to your partner(s) was the ultimate "glue"!

 Without sounding too Mystical (I hope), I kinda had an AHA! reaction to this strangely overlooked element in Human relationships. For some strange reason, I have made the error of assuming that a great many folks that I have networked with were already in a "Peaceful" State, and therefore were amenable to my sales presentation, promotional smoozing, and all that jazz.. If all did not go well, I probably chalked it up to my "stuff" being "off" that day  or some such other factor...


Peace of Mind (Or the lack of it) is definitely a factor in almost everything that we do as Humans.

 Turmoil on all levels seems to have become an acceptable feature of modern Life these days.  The overwhelming amount of horrific mistakes are accounted for each day in our news media, and we seem to be OK with that... "Why?" is the mainline/mainstream question that pervades our thought patterns, and as "Why?" tends to evoke a logical, but endless search for answers-- Swirls of painful, and indeed, uselessly plaintive and puzzling "thought storms" seem to surge through us, all of the time!

 Why On Earth (giggle) would I attempt to try and create a relationship with someone under those conditions?

 The fact is that actively invoking something as powerful as Peace Of Mind in another person can be truly easy, when you, yourself-- are in such a state. When you are very certain of yourself, and that your products, programs and services, are the very best possible, and that your knowlege of all of THE GOOD STUFF is perfectly accurate and without a shred of doubt,  take a moment to consider the probable state of mind that your prospect might be entertaining.

 Learn all that you can about Peace Of Mind, and actively persue it's Mastery... That's what I'm gonna do, and I'll surely let you all know how it turns out.

 The oddest thing about my vacation is that I was forced to endure the constant company of some folks who are completely insane (as usual)...  I felt like I spent the whole damn time in school!  LOL! :)

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Lisa G.  Jun 25th, 2009
Oh my gosh, take me away TV Land!! I love that channel..ha ha.
Glad you are back. Hope you had some enjoyable times on your vacation in the mix of everything.

Wishing you Lots of Peace, Peaceful! :)
Great thing to master!

pplcheryl63  Jun 7th, 2009
Oh well if you have to watch TV, TVLand is not a bad choice.

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