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I remember sitting down and writing my very first business plan (approx. 10,000 or so...) years ago....

 When I look at that old piece of paper and see my dreams and schemes all laid out like that (for the entire World to see), I get a mixture of feelings that truly demonstrate the actual complexity of Human emotions-- some so-called "Experts" seem to think that we commoners only (should) feel the stuff that drives us to eat, sleep or chase after other Humans for sex or money-- if my Life were that simple, I would probably settle for a job as a hamburger flipper or politician, whatever...

 The words on that document scream out to me, "DUDE, YOU ARE EITHER TOTALLY INSANE OR AN ENTREPRENEUR, OR BOTH!!!!"

 Well, for better or worse, "NEED"  had pushed It's way into the forefront of all of my existance. Need as an actual driving force, can be horridly painful, as most of you all know (too well, in some cases).... or It can become furiously inspiring, as most creative people might tell you...

 In Business or in our other daily affairs, we have some folks who we call "Leaders ". They might have titles such as CEO, President, Chief of Bla-Diddy-Bla-Whatzit, and such....

 Most of these folks follow a set script, and play a somewhat well- defined and expected role in the lives of the people who follow them-- The higher the position, the more Power that person seems to have-- They are very good at maintaining the 'Status Quo", and that's good enough for regular people....

 Is that a fair assessment of the way that "Leaderdhip" works on daily life? If it is not, please feel free to tell me so, 'cuz I don't mind being corrected...

 In my own Life, NEED-- with all of It's nakedness and undeniable power, simply is the 'Leading Presence".

 Facing and Accepting such an astounding Friend/Enemy without being paralysed by fear, is what we Entrepreneurs and Business-folk do every single moment of our Lives, more or less. Passion, Compassion and having a damn near Psychic dose of Empathy, also are traits that come from a close relationship with NEED.

 We feel the NEED TO INVENT THE FUTURE.... That's the difference between us and the so-called "Leaders" out there. We also don't readily accept stuff "for the good of Society", especially when that "stuff" turns out not to be good at all- in our own personal view.

 We are likely to be the ones who will sit down and write, talk, brain-storm, rant and rave until we come up with a better way to do whatever it is that we desire.

 Happily, here at Apsense, I am in the presence of kind and patient folks, who have an excellent sense of humour and good taste, as well. I sense your goodness, kindness and great skill, and proudly embrace you as a family.

 I also know that we share a NEED TO INVENT THE FUTURE, and that's why I'm always searching for the best stuff that I can find and bringing it back to you-- new treasures and tools for your Adventures and perhaps stuff that might make you wonder "what might I be able to create for my own Journey..."

 NEED is here to help you answer that plaintive query....

 Our Business Plans with all their features and requirements are simply a Living Actualization of our NEED TO INVENT THE FUTURE, perhaps by enhancing our greatest Gift...


 Joy, Abundance and Peace to you all!


Here's an excellent guide that will give you extensive statistics on nearly every city in the USA.... 

and here is some free business planning templates and software....

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peaceful  May 5th, 2009
pplcheryl63: Youre a dragon! You could go near the stuff back fire extinguisher! Best you lost all s.
You are more right than I care to remember, Cheryl! LOL!

-- fortunately I've learned the value of maintaining a good memory, and archiving stuff-- behind stone walls, if necessary!

I actually have thrown away a lot of work by accidently mixing it in with the slushpile of balled-up paper. Some of those scraps have yielded some valuable stuff from time to time and I am very careful with the trash... My next million dollar advert could be in there.. :)

pplcheryl63  May 5th, 2009
You're a dragon! You could go near the stuff back fire extinguisher! Best you lost all sorts of work when you sneezed ROFL!

peaceful  May 5th, 2009
pplcheryl63: Paper? Really? 10,000 years ago? LOL! Now we know what happened to the other 5 Commandments, you w
I even had my own colony of wasps to make the stuff... over the centuries you learn how to treat workers right or else! LOL! :)

pplcheryl63  May 5th, 2009
Paper? Really? 10,000 years ago? LOL! Now we know what happened to the other 5 Commandments, you were using them as scratch paper all these years! :-)

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