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latest reliable info on Conficker

Posted Date: Apr 13th, 2009 07:07 | Hits: 525

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extract  from article  on PC PitStop

UPDATE4/10/2009: Reports are coming in identifying SpywareProtect2009 as being another of the specific scareware tactics being used after Conficker's latest update. The victim receives a warning and is prompted to purchase the removal tool @$49.99, then the download streams in from the Ukraine. Do not under any circumstances follow instructions from one of these prompts.

read the full article  at  PC Pitstop

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Member's comment

BigRocky99  Apr 14th, 2009
THANKS I didnt see the link the first time around. As I type this, my Microsoft Updates as well as my Avast antivirus definitions are CURRENT 4/14/09. So I feel pretty safe for now.

pplcheryl63  Apr 14th, 2009
Thanks BJ

Bjantiques  Apr 13th, 2009
BigRocky99: Here is my take: whenever my pc is taken over by one of these buy this or that spyware pop ups, ...
if you read the full article you will find out how to combat it

BigRocky99  Apr 13th, 2009
Here is my take: whenever my pc is 'taken over' by one of these 'buy this or that spyware' pop ups, I minimize(because you CAN'T click the X to get out of it). I then click my START button and REBOOT, after I REBOOT I run a FULL SCAN with my anti virus(I have it set to scan on every reboot as well) but I do it again anyway. It may seem like a pain but it's worth the trouble. NOW here is what I DO EVERY time I sing in to the internet. I do NOT use the browser icon. I click START then I go to WINDOWS UPDATE. From the mainstream news as well as other sources I understand that if you get in to WINDOWS UPDATE you are NOT infected with Conficker but IF you TRY to go to WINDOWS UPDATE or TRY to RUN your anti virus and NEITHER will work, then you are most likely infected. I have not heard HOW you fix this if you get infected.

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