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 So those folks that you have been actively courting online have decided to travel to somewhere near you, let's say within 600 or 700 miles or so, and they've decided that a spontanious meeting would be the perfect way them to discuss your future...I mean, your business, products and services.

 On top of that, you haven't got a single clue as to how you are going to entertain or impress these VIP's, because you don't know anything about the area where the meeting is to take place, and they ain't exactly World Class travelers, either...!

 Well, FEAR NOT, Mr. or Ms. Chris Columbus, some very smart people have created some excellent stuff that will not only give you those clues, but make you look extra-smart in the process!

MEET IN BETWEEN happens to be a great marriage between local search, map software and good old Google!  This site can help you co-ordinate an acceptable meeting point for you and your wonderful prospects. The same thing works with HAPPY MEDIAN , and these two other platforms, which are more Business oriented...

MEET WAYS and MEZZOMAN are both dedicated to bringing you folks together, no matter where you started out from...

 Oh, BTW, it's always great to have some ice breakers to talk about, so a visit over to REVERSE SPIN might just give you the goodies you need to get your motor (mouth) running!


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Member's comment

Lisa G.  Apr 15th, 2009
That is cool. I love having Pandora on now, when I'm at home. Love to have it in the car too.

peaceful  Apr 11th, 2009
Lisa G.: Cool article. I love pandora, too! Got mine all set up with my favorite hits!
Pandora is rapidly growing into an excellent alternative and replacement for Satellite radio and CD players-- I think business places can actually save BUCKs by using it instead of pay services.... :)

Lisa G.  Apr 10th, 2009
Cool article.
I love pandora, too! Got mine all set up with my favorite hits!

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