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Better business? Levels of business

Posted Date: Mar 18th, 2009 12:58 | Hits: 464

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Amidst all my running around bouncing back and forth and battling with Gremlins, this past weekend I attended a coaching seminar.  Oddly enough the things they covered are the very things I have applied in my business.  The training was truly universal and generic, it applies whether you are a one person home based Associate or the CEO of a multinational conglomerate.  They weren't trying to teach you how to run your business but how to determine what is best for your business.  Since the information was so generic I thought I would share it with you.

First a business is a profitable commercial enterprise that runs without you.  What that means is you have an asset that is working for you generating income whther you are at work or not.  So it needs to be self sustaining.  The question is how to make it self-sustaining. 

There are 6 different levels of business from the bottom where it seems to take all of your time and energy to get it going all the way up to where it is actually self sustaining.  You have to start at the bottom and progress up the ladder.  These are the different levels

1. Mastery- this is the bottom of the ladder.  This is where you learn you business not just your products but also gthe things that go into running a business.  Learning how to master your time, your money your delivery etc.  This is where you learn and master all the daily minutiae.

2. Niche- niche is finding and tageting your market.  It often comes down to the old marketing question "Why buy from me instead of him?"  This is where your branding comes in.  What sets you apart.  You need to establish these things in order to move on to the next level

3. Leverage- this is where you realize that you cannot depend on only you.  Whether it's delegation to employees or in the MLM environment getting others to join under you.   Even your customers are part of your leverage through referrals.

4. Team- Team is just that bringing the employees, the downline or even customers into line with your vision.  You make them feel like a part of a team.  once they see your vision and understand it everyone starts to pull to gether which creates the next level

5. Synergy- everyone is one the same page and everyone is working together to move forward but everyone benefits.  in order to create synergy their has to be a benefit for all.  Whether it is a perk for your customers, or recognition for employees or downline.

6. Results- Once you work your way up the ladder your business is thriving.  It will run with or without you.  That's because of the synergy created, all you have to do at this point is maintain that synergy.

What we were told to do it to look at our business honestly and figure out where we were on the ladder.  Once we had done that we had to look act what actions would move us to the next rung.  I'll go into that in my next post.


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pplcheryl63  Mar 18th, 2009
I'll have to check it out when I have time, My plate is overflowing now!

peaceful  Mar 18th, 2009
Those must have been some mighty tough gremlins, Cheryl! :)

Looks like they kept you away from your desk all week... Well, sometimes that can be a Good Thing... Google just launched Tip Jar:

And they are looking for folks to add some ideas... a good way to get a little exposure, for sure! :)

Some of the ideas above might be a good addition to this new site... :)

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