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 That's really what they mean when you go to make a pitch in front of a group of prospective Clients, Customers Or Investors, isn't it?

 I have been to many a "lively " marketing and sales seminar where the dude or dudess attempting to impress the importance of creating and using a " An Informative And Inspiring" Elevator Pitch on the audience, has wound up almost boring me to the point of distraction and/or assault ! (Most folks simply don't realize how dangerous it can be to BORE an Entrepreneur... right? )...

 Well, anyways the brightly brilliant folks over at Start Up Nation and their sponsors have come up with a 2009 Elevator Pitch Contest ( I implore my Brit friends to ignore the confusing title)...

 Winners will get to perform their best pitch in front of some real 'Money People" and you all know how this could transform your futures!

 Now I'm not saying who it is, but there are at least three of you here at Apsense that stand a great chance of winning this rockin' opportunity... go for it! :)

BTW: Here Is A  CORPORATE SPEAK Generator For You All To Play With!  Never Let It Be Said That I Dared To Bore You... I Wouldn't even THINK of such a thing!

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