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How are your first quarter Results?

Posted Date: Mar 11th, 2009 19:24 | Hits: 456

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Here we are close to the end of the first quarter of 09, how profitable has it been for you? The economic climate is a little to be desired and peoples financial habits have changed quite a bit. The average person has been compelled to re-evaluate the way they handle their money.

This fact has been hit home to quite a few mlm'ers as they have seen people drop out of their downline , or perhaps people can not afford to get involved in the first place. It must be a struggle for quite a few of you, out there in network land. I would hazzard a guess that things are not as rosey as they use to be are that the profit margins are down for some.

When you look at some of the companies out there and the opportunity they present, it's a wonder people make any money at all. For one thing the product they bring to the marketplace is basically the same as a host of others. There a ton of competion so as a result for these companies is that there market share dwindles. The distributor ends up not making a whole lot of dough because the guy next door has a product just like his.

Another aspect that cuts into a individuals profitability factor is start up costs for the person that wants to join. Some of these outfits want you to buy in with the super duper pack at $650 or maybe get a case for $500 and then get on autoship at $200 a month. Who in there right mind during a recession would spent that type of money. Who could actually feel good about signing up anyone knowing that to make there initial investment back would be very hard.

Then there's the comp plan even though you have two legs (binary) , most of these companies only want to pay you on the weak one. Go figure that one out, and the amazing thing is that some of them have actually been successful. What about the affilate thing 18 streams of income, you only have to get joe blow to sign up then he signs up another then the pyramid starts to roll. The guys at the top are real happy, but if your at the bottom not so.

The point is.... have your cheques been getting bigger during the first quarter? Is the company you are working with progressive and  profitable? If not it is time to go figure out what to do about it. You might have to take a bit of a loss and get out, there no reason to flogg a dying horse.

In looking for a profitable recession proof company and max out your earnings check out......

The product should be one of a kind, no competion

The marketing strategy should be revoutionary

The comp plan should be head and shoulders above all others.

The leadership must have clear vision and focus.

 Very low start up costs.

I sincerely hope that the year is of to an awesome start and that your cheques are getting bigger despite the state of economic affairs.

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