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Posted Date: Feb 28th, 2009 15:36 | Hits: 692

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 Sorry to shout, but I have a feeling that some of you... maybe a lot of you, are still being affected by Winter's "Dopey, Sleepy, and Grumpy " effects and may not have been as responsive to my more gentle advisements...

 If not even the threat of recession-induced Poverty can't get you to wake up and re-fuel the flames of your hot Start Up ideas, perhaps something a little more titilating is called for, such as this warm invite for you to have outrageous New Car Sex right here at Apsense-- ( I promise not to peek), will do the job...

 I have been reading a few good books about business, as you might have guessed, and have a few new-ish links to share with you, my fine Family.... True to my Nature, the books also will contain some immediately available and accessible resources for your inspection and use....

 Good stuff was found in Birthing The Elephant for the Ladies(Us Guys, too!) and the author's co-writer happens to be The Small Business Professor -- really fulfilling inspiration(s) and prompts to be had for free...

 The next book (Yes I can read 3-4 books at one time) comes from an Internet Hero... Alan Bechtold (Radio Interview- so get some coffee, and rest your eyes)... author of " Will Work For Fun"...

 My apologies for seeming to be almost annoyingly cheery, but I have a tendancy to get that way when I survive stuff and have another chance to THRIVE once again! :)

 Please enjoy the new stuff, and if you feel that this article is worth a comment or a cuss, please add your words below... you are loved, in either case! :)

PS: -- I must admit that I did peek a little at some of you during the 'New Car Sex" moment...  learned a few new things, too.... sorry!


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Member's comment

peaceful  Mar 14th, 2009
earntoday: Mine would be uh muttang wif candy apple red...hmmmm Ya culd throw in sum of dem GOLD flaky thangs..
I'm sure you will find that DiMora's "living paint" will nearly match what ever color you are thinking of, Ma'am... For 2 Million a copy, this car is damn near Psychic.... LOL! :)

Good to hear from you, and don't be a stranger! :)

earntoday  Mar 14th, 2009
Mine would be uh' muttang wif candy apple red...hmmmm Ya culd throw in sum of dem' GOLD flaky thangs too. Dem muttangs habe sum fast horse's ya know!
Hahahahahaha! Habe Fun People's

pplcheryl63  Mar 4th, 2009
peaceful: 70s racing colors! :)
Well I really could have been odd and stated Royal purple metal flake which is truly a custom color, Won't see anything else on the road that color!

peaceful  Mar 2nd, 2009
Lisa G.: Okay peaceful... Ill take that candy red one. :) Wow, 150 mph, geez Louise! :D Just lost my s.
That's gonna look good on you, Babygirl! :)

peaceful  Mar 2nd, 2009
pplcheryl63: Well I want Royal blue metal flake with silver racing stripes!
70's racing colors! :)

pplcheryl63  Mar 1st, 2009
Well I want Royal blue metal flake with silver racing stripes!

Lisa G.  Mar 1st, 2009
Okay peaceful... I'll take that candy red one. :)

Wow, 150 mph, geez Louise! :D
Just lost my stomach thinking about the speed! ZOOOooooommmm!
Guess we will need an auto bon like Germany has. :D

peaceful  Mar 1st, 2009
Lisa G.: Wow, peaceful -- 3-4 books at one time, thats really amazing. I was just thinking -- yes -- I do t.
Hey you! :)

I enjoy reading, and I have always been able to read and retain multiple books... I thought that everybody could do this, well anyway... Be sure to pick your favorite color Super Car... Your are on my list, too! :)

peaceful  Mar 1st, 2009
rollins: I nominate you to be the 8 billion dollar man!
If the "B" Word ever gets attacted to my name, Rolly... Especially, if it's the 8 Billion or more "B" Word... You are on the list for one of these Dimora Super cars... LOL!

rollins  Mar 1st, 2009
I nominate you to be the 8 billion dollar man!

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