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Posted Date: Feb 26th, 2009 15:23 | Hits: 634

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Every Tom, Dick, Harry and Lucy are scrambling to try and find alternate sources of revenue. Everybody is staking their claim on the internet, digging in to try and come up with little nuggets. It's not quite like the rush of 1847 where people had to travel to California and endure harsh living conditions with the associated dangers. Life in the 21 century is so much easier, so much more convenient. Hats off to those brave rugged, hardy, resourceful pioneers who paved the way for us all.
We can get up in the morning in ease and comfort and with the touch of a fingertip try to discover little golden threads. We don't have to get down to the river with our pans to try and find the mother lode. We can do it in our homes, the circumstances have changed dramatically, but nonetheless we have the same goals as our ancestors to strike it rich.
Our internet claims have in the past produced a certain amount of gold but it is getting difficult as more and more people try to make a go of it.
The online rush is on, because of the current recession. In the years of plenty people went out and spent like there was no tomorrow and in the process borrowed to pay for their extravagances. Now there lack of discipline is coming back to bite them big time. They may have a fancy car, big house, lots of toys, but now they are losing their jobs with millions of others and cannot unload their assets to take care of every day expenses. That is why we are seeing so many flock to the internet because it is a cheap and easy way to mine for gold. This is the nature of the beast in modern life, we are so use to the easiness of the way, that staking a claim on the internet is the most attractive solution to their financial woes that people come across.
This presents a big problem for internet marketers in that the sheer number of different claims are staggering . There are a ton of different ways to pan for the gold, but only a few are finding the sweet spots. Most are just going through the motions and their claims are not panning out very well. The methods people are now using online are creative but destined to fail. The systems they have concocted do not adhere to the wisdom of the ages. This does not seem to matter to some people; but because of desperation, and lack of resources they are getting involved with these cheap , easy ineffective marketing ploys.
Please take a serious look at what is being offered to you, stake your claim with an outfit that has proven success methods in place. For instance, how much money do they spent on advertising per month? Has the infrastructure been well developed and paid for? Do they have new improved systems in place not old out dated methods? Please consider very carefully how they are reaching out to the masses for the law of averages states that this is the way to the gold.
Do not be afraid to change your course if your present claim has run out. Reinvest with a winner and do not hold on to something that has not provided sufficient nuggets.

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peaceful  Feb 26th, 2009
That is excellent advice, Boomer! :)

it is a time to check out ALL of your previous offers and really get behind the ones that can really make a difference for your bottom line, and help other folks... Sometimes GOOD programs can actually suffer from lack of attention when times are good-- Be sure that you go back and rescue your GEMS, and of course, discard your 'Bricks".... :)

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