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Posted Date: Feb 16th, 2009 06:04 | Hits: 888

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Yet again today  on another site I am a member of  I received a spam ad in my messages.

Apart from the fact that the link in our profiles on that site says "Send Me A message" and not "Send Me your trash spam ads" there is another major disturbing factor.

I am seeing more and more web sites that display far too many RED FLAGS that are screaming out


When people go to a site they are blinded by the HYPE and BS, promises of big earnings for doing nothing, and stupidly sign up.

Why do these sites have all this HYPE and BS? The answer is simple, to distract you from the fact they are hiding something.

When you go to a site No matter how good it sounds, YOU MUST LOOK for the following and READ them BEFORE you give any information.

Look for the links to

1. Terms of Service (TOS)

2. Privacy Policy

3. Information on how they say its supposed to work.

4. What does it Cost - especially if they say "Join Free" or "Free to Join" - common sense should tell you that if they say you can earn X amount that it means someone is going to have to pay something.
Usually once you have so blindly signed up for free you will find that you can NOT earn ANYTHING unless you upgrade to a monthly fee or make a one time payment.

Next time you are invited to join something STOP, THINK, LOOK for and READ the items I have listed, and if you cant find them, no matter how good it looks, DO NOT give any information.

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Member's comment

Ian B  Aug 1st, 2010
It's so easy to get caught up in the hype and sign up for these kind of things, thanks for the great post.

natty  Jan 11th, 2010
I have a couple of email accounts, i use gmail for any traffic exchanges or programs i think may spam me, but my personal email is a Hotmail account, it isnt clever enough to have an autoresponder, but it automatically sends anything that even resembles spam to a junk folder, everything in there gets dumped after 10 days!

M Stevens  Feb 22nd, 2009
I agree completely! Stop, think, look, and read! And oh by the careful and ensure your personal and business information remains secure. Great post, thanks!

Lisa G.  Feb 18th, 2009
Red Flags! Some are so obvious in all aspects, some -- not so much.
Thanks for the info BJ.

C&B enterprises  Feb 16th, 2009
Bjantiques: the way i keep my mail clean and never download any spam is I use a program but it is not free so
Thank you I will really apreaceate it thank you again

BigRocky99  Feb 16th, 2009
I would like to have a folder designed to have these messages go to an autoresponder saying...'HA! HA! SPAMMER, YOU got MY autoresponder so I'll NEVER see your SPAM and futhermore YOU WILL NEVER get a REPLY from ME!'

Bjantiques  Feb 16th, 2009
C&B enterprises: Thank you for the info I get them everyday usally end up in the delete file. How do you get rid of t
the way i keep my mail clean and never download any spam is I use a program but it is not free so i wont mention it here i will do something on it where i can give the link.

Ashok  Feb 16th, 2009
Hello BJ your thoughts are very true.

glnagy  Feb 16th, 2009
Not to be rude or anything, but I wish some techie geek would come up with an application that would detect that spam crap in your email and automatically reply for them to GET BENT! LOL.....

C&B enterprises  Feb 16th, 2009
Thank you for the info I get them everyday usally end up in the delete file. How do you get rid of them?

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