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Want a little cheese to go with that whine?

Posted Date: Feb 14th, 2009 17:07 | Hits: 789

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Businesses no matter where they are located have to turn a profit yes but they also face regulations from the local governments, it's a fact of life.  Most business owners tend to whine whenever they hear of a new regulation or law being enacted because yes, in the short term those new laws can cut into your bottom line.

In many cases however the long term effect is quite beneficial.  A good example of this is the regulations overseen by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA).  The outcry over complying with OSHA regulations was enormous.  Many companies flat out refused to follow the OSHA guidelines (Might I say that a good number of them were no longer in business after the fines), others immediately complied but grumbled.  OSHA has been in effect and almost all of those companies that were grumbling have seen benefit from it.

Probably one of the biggest direct benefits is in the lowered number of Workman's Comp claims.  No you cannot totally eliminate claims because you will always have those clumsy ones who could sustain injury in a locked padded cell, but for the most part the attention OSHA has focused on safety in the workplace has paid off.  That is the direct benefit but there is an indirect benefit too.  Since you have less workers getting injured on the job, you have less workers laid up on sick leave so productivity is increased.

Another benefit of OSHA is that in a lot of cases, it restricts cutomers to "Safe" areas such as a waiting room.  Customers who are not in the work areas don't get injured by your equipment or working conditions meaning lawsuits have also gone down.  But when it was introduced business owners were only looking at the immediate effect to the wallet.

Now we have the government coming out with more regulations this time concerning information security and in the State of Massachutsetts, they are whining about complying with the laws.  Why?  Because it is "too costly".  And a class action suit by customers whose information is not costly?  Losing customers because they don't trust you to protect their information isn't costly?  Facing fines from Federal and State enforcement agencies isn't costly?

If you are going to be in business then you are going to have the resposibility to comply with regulations.  It much less painful to comply with them on the front end knowing you will reap the benefits on the back end than to not comply and risk losing it all.  Quit whining and take care of business!


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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Feb 16th, 2009
glnagy: LOL....of course they need to stop whining, theyre supposed to be entrepreneurs, arent they? They..
Personally you would think they would realize if we step up and do it without someone else stepping in we have way more control of the regulations. After all we know where the trouble spots are and what we need to do better than a damn desk jockey or pencil pusher. Instead they don't and then you get this bureaucrat who knows absolutely nothing coming in and now telling you how to runn your business,

If you didn't step up when you had the chance, don't whine when the choice has been taken from you.

glnagy  Feb 16th, 2009
pplcheryl63: Its not that the ones with common sense get overlooked its that they are the minority the majority..
LOL....of course they need to stop whining, they're supposed to be entrepreneurs, aren't they? They're suppose to realize that there are only solutions, not problems...right?

And just maybe, I suppose, in this case the solution would have something to do with stepping up and self-regulating before the government regulates them....or do entrepreneurs not see the advantage of bragging rights these days?? :)

pplcheryl63  Feb 16th, 2009
glnagy: The problem with regulation, those who do self regulate or have common sense get over-looked and stu
It's not that the ones with common sense get overlooked it's that they are the minority the majority of businesses really only care about one thing their bottom line.

Yes you have bureaucrats that don't have the sense God gave to a turnip. They are worrying about the splinter when they should be worried about the two by four

As for businesses the majority are not going to get off their butts to do anything unless they are forced to do so.

I still say businesses need to stop whining. Right here in San Antonio a couple of legal credit repair/counseling businesses are trying to put together an association to regulate and keep an eye on how business is done and guess what? Out of all the credit based businesses here only two are doing anything, only two are willing to self regulate only two are willing to do the right thing. But there are hundreds of credit based businesses in the city.

Does 2 businesses out of hundreds represent the standard of that industry? No they are simply two oddballs willing to do the right thing so in a few more years we will have the city county and or state enacting regulation to force a standard on them because they did not do the right thing today so again I say to these businesses that are raising all this Cain, stop whining!

glnagy  Feb 16th, 2009
The problem with regulation, those who do self regulate or have common sense get over-looked and stuck with a bunch of unnecessary paperwork and red tape.

The problem with bureaucrats, they get carried away, un-reachable and sometimes a little too big for their britches.

The problem with businesses, some are greedy, stupid and don't use common sense or self-regulate.

Years ago, we had a safety official visit our mill and point to a sprocket, proceed to inform us we should have a sign by the sprocket warning people not to stick their finger between the chain and sprocket. In short, anyone who would be so stupid to do such a thing has no place working in, or being anywhere near a sawmill operation!

pplcheryl63  Feb 15th, 2009
If it was that easy we wouldn't have regulation now would we. Everyone would do the right thing without being told to do so.

Equipment would be properly maintained because it is safer not to mention it performs better. But how many companies would continually put off safety inspections on their equipment if they knew that there was no consequences for doing so?

Unfortunately the majority of businesses will continue to do the things just as they always have ignoring what needs to be done with the same excuse that the businesses in Massachutsetts are using.

Don't blame bureaucrats for making laws when the businesses are not making the effort to self regulate.

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