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So know I have a $1 million dollar ATM card?

Posted Date: Feb 8th, 2009 09:53 | Hits: 880

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Another twist on the old lottery scam. This e-mail supposedly is from the UK but I noticed it was sent from a e-mail address.  Last I heard COX was a us cable company and that e-mail address is for a cox high speed internet subscriber. Alarm bell #1.  Notice all the different names?  That's alarm bell #2.  And finally the sender is listed as ATMcardprocessingcentre, we don't spell center that way in the U.S.  Using a critical eye on these scam e-mails is your first line of defense.  Check for spelling errors that are based on geaography (European spelling vs. U.S. spelling). Does the email address correspond to a business? Report these types of e-mails to when you get them. 

Our Ref: FGN /SNT/STB We are very pleased to inform you that (ATM Card
Number:????????????????), it has been credited in your favour, your
personal Identification Number is ??? The ATM Card value is$1,000,000.00 (One Million  USD)

Kindly note that this is legit and any act like this is very appreciated and will be well honoured, You are strongly adviced to contact Mr William Moris with this details below:



Note: You are to contact him with your full details for verifications,


Thanks  Mr Ken Jonathan


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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Feb 17th, 2009
Yes it is a definite scam it's simply a new twist on the "You won the lottery" scam

odessa200247  Feb 17th, 2009
Its' a scam! I deleted it when I recieved it in my email box. I don't believed such kind of huge money.

Feiyie  Feb 13th, 2009
Total rubbish. I once almost fell into it. Not a million though. Coz they called me thrice to follow up and stuffs. And as a teenager, hmmmm.. lol

pplcheryl63  Feb 9th, 2009
Wendy: the most original (and scary) one I ever got said that it came from a hit man who has been paid to e
That one is a bit more than a scam in my opinion that one is assault. I would print it out and take it to my local police department. It's a threat and that is a blatant criminal offense.

I haven't seen one of those in a while. I forgot that one was even making the rounds!

Wendy  Feb 9th, 2009
the most original (and scary) one I ever got said that it came from a hit man who has been paid to end my life but he would let me live if I paid him more, it went further of course saying that if I ignored this he knew where I live and work and all my family as well.

I dint think there is hardly a day goes by when i dont get one of these scam emails about lottery, or inheritance, or needing to transfer money out of somewhere etc.

pplcheryl63  Feb 8th, 2009
glnagy: IT IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! You dont know me, have never heard of me before and have no reason to believ.
Lets not forget that I work at a bank and my client left no next of kin so now I'm breaking the law by making you his next of kin even though he was born in a tiny village in Rowanda and wouldn't know where Canada was if I rolled up an atlas and smacked him between the eyes!

It's really amazing that people can and do still fall for this garbage!

glnagy  Feb 8th, 2009
pplcheryl63: What its my lucky day! My long lost aunt got it for me right before she drowned in the South Pacif.
IT IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! You don't know me, have never heard of me before and have no reason to believe I am the least bit credible...but somehow I discovered that $9,473,938.53 of your dollars ended up in my paypal account.

I am of course willing to return the money to you immediately, if you will just send me all your personal information along with $20, 010.53 to cover transaction costs as well as your left nut and first-born child.

But hurry, you only have 24 hours to reply before I end up changing my mind!

pplcheryl63  Feb 8th, 2009
C&B enterprises: What will people do for money I just had someone who was going to send me a whole trunk full of mone
It's all about playing on the victims greed. Why would someone sending you that amount of money need money first?

pplcheryl63  Feb 8th, 2009
glnagy: It pains me to describe anyone who falls for this! Million $ atm card? In your email???
What it's my lucky day! My long lost aunt got it for me right before she drowned in the South Pacific while being murdered by rebels! I really lucky move since it spared her the pain of that stomach cancer due to kill her in 6 months time....

Did I cover it all?

C&B enterprises  Feb 8th, 2009
What will people do for money I just had someone who was going to send me a whole trunk full of money.But he wanted me to send him 4000.00 today. I turned him in hope they catch him before he gets someone.

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