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 ODDLY, a few folks will take the advent of a financial crisis as their perfect moment to blossom and thrive in glorious success, while a lot of other folks will go so far as to literally stop their Lives, spin around in confused circles, and drop dead... Or even worse, become victims of depression (Zombification without benefit of humor)...

 I am not about to become preach-y, or even teach-y about this subject, because I need to save my energy for some Other Good Stuff that I am doing later on... The point that I'm trying to make here is that, while some ways of addressing the issues of Self Improvement work for some, other ways will work for others, or even fail to work at all... The "secret" is always going to be 'Taking Action", no matter what it is you are trying to do!!!

SHOCKINGLY, we Humans have created a whole helluva lotta stuff that failed, simply because people did not even have the 'Moxie" to TRY IT...

Dammit, we marketers and advertisers, enterprisers, and entrepreneurs bump into this foggy-but-solid thing called RESISTANCE every single moment of our Lives so much that we EXPECT IT, and instinctively prepare for it with a slew of added features in our work ie: Moneybacks, rebates, incentives, warrenty, guarantees, ad- The BLIP-nauseum....

 But what about the effect of RESISTANCE when it is so flipping 'Intimate", as in within ourselves? ---

 I know that I have traveled around and gathered some pretty damn good resources, if I must say so myself-- some of these findings have really been eye-opening and useful to a few of the folks that have bothered to utilise them... They have even been useful to me, myself and I, when I am able to escape my own haunting state of useless RESISTANCE...

 It does NO GOOD what so ever to ask yourself where the hell it came from, but I know for a fact that it can and has been the cause of many a delay and dark moment in my Life, and needlessly so...

 Because I do take Self Tranformation very seriously, I look at the creations of others, who seem to have gained a measure of freedom from their own RESISTANCE... and better yet, they share some of their resourcefulness with us... for FREE, by the way, and I have no affiliation with ANY of them... all I ask is that YOU take a moment to see and engage some of this material... and then discuss it in your comments below.

Strategic Franchising's Owner is the proud creator of several businesses.... He offers a free e-book. The Top Worthy offers free guiding Articles that can apply to anyone, but are very useful to us business-folk.

 Live Mocha really 'Brings It" when it comes down to learning other languages on a Human scale... I believe that this exercises the Brain, and we all could use a few 'reps" up there... Fit Day helps you take care of the lower body, advisiable during times of greater stress... and QUITERA allows you to bookmark all of this stuff in PAGE fashion, so you can get to it without a whole lot of fuss...

 Please have an excellent day, if you really want to... :)


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Member's comment

peaceful  Feb 9th, 2009
pplcheryl63: Im actually doing the Live Mocha Course and Im picking it up bit by bit. I have to translate the ..

I have a buddy of mine who learned SIX languages and he still thinks Live Mocha is a 'work out'! :)

peaceful  Feb 9th, 2009
Lisa knows Spanish, Darryl.... :)

and so does Google:

Thanks for stopping by, Good Buddy! :)

pplcheryl63  Feb 8th, 2009
peaceful: Meet Up Link:
I'm actually doing the Live Mocha Course and I'm picking it up bit by bit. I have to translate the responses from everyone on the submitted exercises so I'm getting a workout there!

peaceful  Feb 8th, 2009
pplcheryl63: I know the problem is in finding someone to speak it with. So back in Texas and I can find the some
Meet Up Link:

peaceful  Feb 8th, 2009
pplcheryl63: I know the problem is in finding someone to speak it with. So back in Texas and I can find the some
it's not hard to find a partner online, though...

Have you tried Meet Up for your town? :)

pplcheryl63  Feb 8th, 2009
I know the problem is in finding someone to speak it with. So back in Texas and I can find the someones' I'd really like to know more than how to get drunk and start a fight which I am sad to say quite multilingual in my proficiency on that! I can do it in English, Spanish, Korean and German!

peaceful  Feb 8th, 2009
pplcheryl63: Okay lets see if I can re-learn that Spanish I was fluent in back in high school!
Funny thing about learning languages, Cheryl-- 'Daily Use In Daily Life" is the key! :)

Comprende' ?

peaceful  Feb 8th, 2009
Lisa G.: 10 Stars! * * * * * * * * * * Thanks Peaceful.
That's ************* 13 Stars to you, Lisa G.!

I'm not going to ask you where you've been, I know that it's All Good! :)

Lisa G.  Feb 7th, 2009
10 Stars! * * * * * * * * * *
Thanks Peaceful.

pplcheryl63  Feb 7th, 2009
Okay let's see if I can re-learn that Spanish I was fluent in back in high school!

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