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Realistic Goals

Posted Date: Feb 5th, 2009 12:49 | Hits: 510

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    It's easy to achieve a goal. The toughest thing is to set realistic goals that you believe in and are inspired by, and then to monitor and update those goals frequently enough to keep them continuously powerful in your life. It's amazing how many people drift away from goal- setting techniques after achieving a certain measure of success. The current economic turmoil has to do in part with people that are not disciplined enough to set a series of realistic goals. I'm sure you will agree that the average person on this continent today has a problem with self- discipline. We have a very entertainment -conscious, fun -oriented, and excitement- loving population.  A consequence of this type of mentality is that people turn their backs on the most far- reaching technique for expanding their horizons and lifting their capabilities that humankind has ever devised. Here are five conditions that must be worked into your goals. Hitting four out of five is no good, leave one condition out of a goal and that goal won't be reached. Put all five into a goal and each goal will become a reality in your life.


Your goals must be believable.

Your goals must be clearly defined.

Your goals must be ardently desired.

Your goals must be vividly imagined.

Your goals must be in writing.


                   Let's review why it's so important to have written goals. I want to make this point strongly because I know that unless you put your goals in writing your chances of achieving them are very small. When you have achievable goals for every day written down, each day becomes an exciting contest with yourself. You get up in the morning with a plan for making that day  contribute the most that it possibly can to getting what you want from life. It gives you a sense of direction and motivates you to affirmative action. Written goals make extra effort easier because you are following your plans, they also generate more enthusiasm. If you have a problem getting organized, you'll be delighted at how much written goals will help in putting you on a smooth track. Writing your goals lets you take charge of your life; encourages you to make important decisions early instead of to late; it brings the conflicts in your plans into focus quickly so that you can eliminate them before problems develop; it highlights opportunities; it calls your attention to what needs to be done.The ability to set goals for yourself that are both achievable and exciting is a great skill. As with any great skill , persistent practise is a requirement for success. Have a set time each week for reviewing your progress, your goals and plans. The importance of having this weekly meeting with yourself can't be overemphasized. In no other way can you guarantee that your talent, technique, and time will be directed to best advantage at making your goals come true.


      2009 will be a year of economic hardship for quite a few people . I would wholeheartedly encourage all who read these words to begin again to become more proficient in their use of goals, as we know that they are a time tested growth principle. 


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pplcheryl63  Feb 5th, 2009
Realistic yes but challenging enough to make you push for them!

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