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Succeeding in down times

Posted Date: Jan 30th, 2009 11:26 | Hits: 1740

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The topic of "succeeding in down times" is tough to write about because it may come across cocky and self serving.  Let me set the stage.  First of all not every industry is having a tough time because of the economy.  I would think that would be understood.  Granted there are industries that are suffering but certain industries thrive in economic down turns.

The economy has no doubt affected many people but the reality is that the more people who buy into the hype, the more fear spreads across the land.  Fear is an element that stops marketers of good products and services to stop in their tracks.  Fear is an element that brings good customers to a halt from making purchases.  So it's fear that's the culprit of the times we are in.  Believe me there are people right in your industry who have decided to overcome fear and move forward.  Now we all understand that they may be doing things a little bit differently but the key is they are still doing it.

The other culprit in this down economy is confusion.  Confusion has a way of getting people to make unwise decisions.  Confusion has a way of getting people to stay in a rut thinking they can dig themselves out.  Confusion has a way of getting people to continue to go in circles thinking they are making forward progress.

Once these two culprits of fear and confusion are dealt with, people with clear heads prevail. It doesn't matter what the economy looks like, people with clear hears find a way to serve more than a selected few but the masses. Here's a clue.  Some strategists say find a niche market and target those folks for a better chance of success.  That's a good strategy but I believe it is incomplete.  The piece I believe is needed, especially in these times is "pump up the volume." What I mean here is although you may serve a targeted niche, flood that targeted niche with your message.  This my friend is how we "serve the masses within a targeted niche."  It's like being the only person who owns a street in a neighborhood.  Everybody will wonder how you got to own it and how could they own a street also.

"Pump up the volume or turn off the music.  It's time to be heard."

Keep going for it,

Ced Reynolds

Career Recruiter




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glnagy  Jan 30th, 2009
Heh...It may just be that same fear and confusion driving the sales of canned spam and hotdogs...from a consumer's standpoint, a 'darn' good reason to let go of that fear and confusion if you ask me!

peaceful  Jan 30th, 2009
There always room for Light and Optimism, no matter what is going on around you!

People must understand that we are indeed The Cause of events and not The Effect(s) and that we can Actualize better outcomes for ourselves without the presense of Fear and Confusion...

Very well said in a timely article, my Friend, Keep up the Good Work! :)

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