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Are you the person who gives free "stuff"

Posted Date: Jan 28th, 2009 09:27 | Hits: 782

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Another truism about us humans, we are collectors.  We absolutely love free "stuff"!  Do you use free stuff as part of your marketing campaign?  If not you may be missing out.  It's a good way to get yourself in front of prospects!

Most people tend to think free stuff has to be expesive promotional materials.  Not true.  Free stuff can be anything from expensive to to dirt cheap even free!  Personally I don't use expensive stuff as freebies.  If it costs over a dollar you won't see me giving it away free.

Just to give you a few ideas on using "Free Stuff"

Doorprizes-You can put together a grab bag full of inexpensive items along with your information to be used as a doorprize

Put togather a workshop or seminar for other business people buy a fishbowl and have somethng nice, no more than $25 and collect business cards in your fishbowl.  After your seminar draw a cars to give away the gift. (I personally like shredders)

Check on free government publications, The FTC allows us to make bulk orders on their publications.  Check and see what is there that you can use for your business.

Chocolate bags.  Go buy bags of mini chocolates and put together little baggies with chocolates and your card.

Either way you are giving away something that most everyone loves, free stuff.  If you are going to invest in promotional materials remember you are paying a lot of money for them.  Use a little discretion on who you give those items to.



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Member's comment

peaceful  Jan 28th, 2009
pplcheryl63: I loved the Oval Office Letter LOL!
Please Plug it in here first, then feel free to SEED it on theNews Vine (Use The Apsense Link for Seeding)... in entertainment.

LOL! :0

pplcheryl63  Jan 28th, 2009
peaceful: You are right as rain, Cheryl.... FREE Offers and Perks are basically the stuff that drives sales...
I loved the Oval Office Letter LOL!

peaceful  Jan 28th, 2009
You are right as rain, Cheryl.... FREE Offers and Perks are basically the stuff that drives sales...

The average business GIVES away more stuff that it actually sells in a given quarter, and FREE is the fuel that drives innovative sales practices-- Whole Industries have been created to satisfy our need for FREE STUFF...

The POWER of FREE must not be underestimated, and as you have stated, it must be used wisely... For example, if I introduce you to JUSTIA-- A free resource for legal matters and records--

You will be apt to find some good purpose and use for it, as it is targeted to your interests... right?

Now, if I should come back to you later on to see if there is something else that you might require for your business, or even personal Life, you will more that likely be amenable to create a sales relationship with me-- It's all in your hands, by the way... My part in the bargain is to guide you in the right direction, towards the best product, service or platform that fits your needs exactly...

If I have done my part correctly, from the gift of the FREE resource, all the way to the presentation of your needed item(s) or service(s)... The a sale is likely to take place... After that, you might even REFER me to someone else, and so on....

The Power of FREE has been discussed in many business magazines, business classrooms, and by many business professionals of all disciplines... It is especially used in Marketing and Advertising, as you well know, and Free Stuff is a constant and loyal companion of my own business and my Life as a Resource Officer.

Sadly, it seems that most people don't have enough respect for The Power of Free, until they really NEED it, and amazingly a lot of people don't even know what a Resource Officer is, or even does in a business setting, or even in daily Life... Until they NEED us, that is...

Oh, well... Something that I usually give away fro free that folks seem to remember me for is laughs:

Have a few on me, and thanks for bring up the Power Of Free! :)

C&B enterprises  Jan 28th, 2009
Great idea I never thought about that have a good day

Brent Simmons  Jan 28th, 2009
This is a great idea! Its like fishing. Use a good bait,and you will get a bite,and land the big one.

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