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The User- Generated Content Conference And Expo will take place in San Jose, California on Feb.9-10 with the main theme of how to successfully monetize such sites....

 And Boy, how I wish that I was a fly on the wall, because among the lumenaries that are scheduled to speak at the event are Guy Kawasaki , Venture Capitalist and Super Salesman, and Bruce Livingston of I Stock Photo , a social site that made approximately $71 million in 2007, and paid it's members about $21 Million in shared earnings...

 This, ladies and gentlemen, is going to really create some ideas that might flow through the pipeline and possibly benefit us USER CONTENT GENERATORS in a bigger way.... If there is an online video synopsis of this event I plan to snatch it, and post it here...

 I really want to see the day when that Revenue Sharing reaches a satisfying peak, and causes Fatter Wallets and Preggy Pocketbooks for us all...!



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