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Do not EVER question the MLM God's! LOL

Posted Date: Jan 19th, 2009 20:59 | Hits: 783

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I was recently on another very popular network marketing forum and made the very bad mistake of not agreeing entirely with a guru, or otherwise known as GOD.


That probably was the worst thing that I could have ever done.  I got so slammed and critiques by memebers of that forum, that I was shocked to say the least.  I even had someone guy as far as to tell me if I had any education.


Are people becoming to brainwashed by these guru's?  It seems like it is only their way or the highway now.  I feel people are starting to leave out their judgement and go with whatever a guru says.  It really worries me and I hope I am not the only one that sees this blind trust in whatever a guru says now a days.

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I was recently on another very popular network marketing forum and made the very bad mistake of not agreeing entirely with a guru, or otherwise known as GOD.   That probably was the worst thing...
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Member's comment

Lisa G.  May 9th, 2009
Wow, the God's have
The whole beauty and diversity of the internet is having an opinion.
Sometimes, an opposing opinion (if you will) may go in favor of what one is trying to promote. It can start discussions, in which questions that people did not know that they even had -- are answered. So, any doubts about a program, my be solved.

Or -- can go the opposite way. Eyes may just be opened, if it's an opportunity, that given a little honest revealing -- "Curtains up" -- brings some light in that it's not such a good deal.

Sonya Smith  May 4th, 2009
I love how all these random people that you've never heard of claim to be the foremost authority on stuff, lol. I really like Cheryl's spelling of it, too, I think I'm going to use that!!!

I always want to ask them where they got their education, what have the published, what companies the owned. I want to see a full resume before I give someone my money.

glnagy  Jan 20th, 2009
ah, don't fret! You've just had an encounter with cult-ish conformists! Bend to their .will my son, there can be no opposition to their way....

Yeah, right!! LOL!

pplcheryl63  Jan 20th, 2009
Cynthia and James: Well it seems to me there is a trend that if you have to pay a lot for free information it is better
And that is why I really have zero respect for these guru's, they are like a horde of locusts preying on the new inexperienced marketer. I try to get the point across to these people sometimes and they just don't get it.

Who has a personal stake in your success? Some guru trying to sell you a system or the people in your upline that will directly benefit from you being successful? (In a true MLM you only become successful by helping others)
So If your success is vital to your upline's success, why are you listening to someone who has never spent a day in your business and have no idea about your business and what is in your associate agreement?

So when you go following what some guru tells you and lose your agreement to do business what then, is that guru going to pay you all the money you could have made by listening to those who know?

Cynthia and James  Jan 20th, 2009
Well it seems to me there is a trend that if you have to pay a lot for free information it is better even though the same information is free if you search for it. I think people have gotten so lazy that they want these Gurus to give them the answers and are willing to pay big bucks. But when they don't get what they hoped for they get mad and look for another Guru to get more Junk from and pay more money I have seen people get so deep in debt and still not be able to to get any of there money back. Talked to a lady yesterday that has spent $25,000.00 on Gurus material and still dosen't have any clue how to market her product.

Alex Wrobel  Jan 19th, 2009
Yeah I totally agree with what you said.

I was just so shocked by the way I was treated. I was just trying to offer another point of view. Not totally against what the guru says, but another avenue. However, I got terribly commented. So needless to say, it affected me so much, that I had to post what had happened. lol

pplcheryl63  Jan 19th, 2009
And that's why I call them gooroos. They want to claim that they know everything, they sucker in these new marketers with some BS line about prospects beating down your door when you follow their system etc. I have yet to see anyone really bragging on how well these systems work.

The only ones I see bragging are the people directly under the gooroo or who are gooroos with their own systems. I'm still waiting to see the Avon distributor, The Tupperware lady or the Mary Kay lady bragging about how many prospects and customers are beating down the door thanks to some gooroo system.

Bjantiques  Jan 19th, 2009
You are not the only one seeing the sheeple in action. You might like to look up my post about sheeple lol

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