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Warm Market

Posted Date: Jan 12th, 2009 08:29 | Hits: 514

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What is a warm market? A warm market is people that you
know and people that know you. Most of your warm market
respect your opinions and points of view. This does not
give you the right to expect them to jump into your next
great deal. It means that are normally open to listen to
what you have to say. No more no less.

I treat my warm market as potential customers. If we are
talking and they describe a problem they are having or
someone that they know is having,I will recommend a product
that I have that can be of help to them. I will ask them
if I gave them a free sample if they would try it for 30
days. If it works they will want more of the product and
will want to buy it and recommend it to their friends.
After they have done this you ask them if they would like
to make some extra money since they are already promoting
the product. Most of the time they want me to give them
more information and have some questions. That is when they
can become partners in your business and they will be life
long partners. That is not the fastest way to grow a
business I agree but if you are just in this business for
the fast money you will never succeed anyway. You might as
well give up now this is a people business and you have to
build a relationship with the people you want to join your
business. Any one can build a downline but how many can
keep it active. A downline that is not active because of
lack of teaching and understanding how to market product is
not going to do anything for your business.

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Member's comment

Brent Simmons  Jan 13th, 2009
Very well put. They may come back in the future.

Cynthia and James  Jan 12th, 2009
Brent Simmons: Sometimes you run across people that will try your product,because you are offering a free sample. A
Then you have done your job you offered and they was not intrested so next. If you never try you never know if they will like it or not. I figure I have not missed a business partner I jsut have a friend that is not intrested in my product and move on. No big deal.

Brent Simmons  Jan 12th, 2009
Sometimes you run across people that will try your product,because you are offering a free sample. As long as it is free why not? They like the product,but once that free sample is gone,so are they. They don't want to pay for it.

pplcheryl63  Jan 12th, 2009
no it's not doing anyone any good to have bodies occupying space. However we must not forget that a warm market can be your best source of referrals. It's all in how you approach them as a salesperson or as a friend just sharing some information.

My favorite approach is to ask them for a favor. I let them know I'm in business and ask them if they know anyone who can use what I offer. I let them see the information but there is no stress on them because you aren't trying to recruit or sell them, you are giving them the information to do that favor for you.

Sometimes you get the best question in the world "Can I do/get this?"

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