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Did your credit card get charged 25 cents?

Posted Date: Jan 12th, 2009 08:28 | Hits: 673

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Please take a moment to read this article.  This could just be a smart scammer who figures I'll scam everyone for a quarter or It could be "test" charges.  People ar noticing mysterious 25 cent charges on their credir card statements coast to coast.

If it's a smart scammer he's getting millions.  The Louisville Better Business Bureau estimates that there could be millions of victims.  Do the math even if there's only one million victims that works out to about $25 million.

If it's a "test" charge then an identity theft is sending a tiny charge which lets them know if the card is active or not.  They may often send more than one charge before hitting you with a larger charge.

If you see any charges on your statement from Adele Services in Melville, N.Y. dispute it immediately even if it is only 25 cents.




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Member's comment

Bjantiques  Jan 14th, 2009
Ashok: I am not good in maths but if we multiply 0.25 cents to 1000000 then it will be 250000.00 not $25mi
can i recommend you read comments posted before responding to a post - if you did you would see that the error was already corrected.

Ashok  Jan 14th, 2009
I am not good in maths but if we multiply 0.25 cents to 1000000 then it will be
250000.00 not $25million.Isn't it?

pplcheryl63  Jan 13th, 2009
Lisa G.: Wow, thats creepy. thx for letting us know about this, Cheryl.
You are welcome. You know me if it's a scam or ID theft, I'm normally shouting it from the rooftops!

Lisa G.  Jan 13th, 2009
Wow, that's creepy.
thx for letting us know about this, Cheryl.

pplcheryl63  Jan 12th, 2009
pplcheryl63: Exactly! But one thing to keep in mind there are laws that can protect you but they are time sens
I should add that they laws I am speaking of here are U.S. laws. You need to check in your specific country about the laws there

pplcheryl63  Jan 12th, 2009
Dianne: Cheryl, This article is exactly as described. We had two $0.01 charges hit our Visa sharecheck (

But one thing to keep in mind there are laws that can protect you but they are time sensitive. depending on how quickly you report it you can be held liable for anywhere from $50 to the entire amount!

On Credit cards the amount is $50 if reported within 60 days of the date of the first statement it appears on (Whether you got that statement or not) After 60 days you are liable for the entire amount. Contrary to popular belief you are not guaranteed $0 liability for fraudulent charges. The law limits it to $50 if you get $0 it's because your bank/creditor is being generous.

On electronic withdrawals the law is different

Within 48 hours your loss is limited to $50
Between 2 and 60 days your loss is limited to $500
After sixty days it's just lost period!

pplcheryl63  Jan 12th, 2009
The real danger in this is if they are testing your card. 25 cents is such a small amount most won't notice it or ignore it but when the charge goes through it lets the thief know that the card is good and not over the limit.

They may charge little microscopic charges like this a few times which lets them know you don't pay attention. Then they hit you with the larger charges.

Dianne  Jan 12th, 2009

This article is exactly as described. We had two $0.01 charges hit our Visa sharecheck (debit/credit) card that is linked to our checking account. The next thing that hit were two charges for about $400 a piece. It is a good thing I keep a close eye on our account. I called the bank immediately to tell them of the false charges. They were from Europe no less....sorry but I haven't been to Europe lately.

Report any of this activity IMMEDIATELY. They send a "ping" to your account to see if it is active. After that, the sky is the limit if you don't catch them. You can be wiped out before you know.

Keep a close eye on your account at ALL times in this day and age.

Thanks Cheryl.


C&B enterprises  Jan 12th, 2009
Thats still a good sum what will they think of next I will keep an eye out thanks.

Coach Gia  Jan 12th, 2009
Thanks for the heads up!

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