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Virus Protection For Your Home-Based Business(s)

Posted Date: Jan 8th, 2009 12:43 | Hits: 791

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I started this topic because I want to ignite some self-awareness into everybody about the ongoing hijacking programs designed to corrupt your system.

Over the last two months I have become a Mini-Specialist on this topic.  What makes me special you ask?

In those last two months my brother and I have had to  purchase brand new computers because both are computers were infected with some of the most vicious and up-to-date viruses.

Truth be told, I was completely locked out of any and all permissions and administration duties.  On the other hand, my brother's computer had constant registry errors and a window would randomly pop up in the center of his screen trying to persuade him to buy their program.


As I previously felt a little naive and dumbfounded by all this, I have made it a high priority and duty to forewarn you about all the disservices that go on behind the scenes of running a legitimate enterprise.

With that be said, stay far, far away and be on the lookout for anything that would puzzle you or make you think otherwise.

Which includes the following:

1. Norton software
2. Webroot SpySweeper
3. Rapid Anti-Virus 2009

I would totally appreciate what you guys use and recommend to protect yourself from daily breaches and vulnerabilities.

I promise I'll reveal what I use per your request once the ball gets rolling.  If I told you upfront then it would appear that I'm only recommending one program; and that's not true at all.

Please!  Help each other get the right security!

Thanks in advance!


P.S. To ensure the best performance and protection please set your software updates on automatic and also do a full system scan at least once a week.

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Member's comment

end925biz  Jan 9th, 2009
Great Topic

Also very usefull for us all, Although I would never use Norton again as i few years back I had a keylogger on pc and Norton failed to notice it. Eventually the keylogger robbed my egold account and took all founds their and even after I found out about the keylogger Norton still did not detect it.

I have usesd many over the years but at precent i use the following programs

Intelinet - Spyware / Adware Protection
ESET NOD32 - Antivirus and Antispyware Protection
Ad-Aware - Anti-Spyware + Anti-Virus

Using these I have no problems and my pc is active 24/7

good luck

Bjantiques  Jan 8th, 2009
There is no reason to buy a new computer just because yours is infected.

The correct process is to get a startup disk and wipe out the C drive

once that is done take your os installation disk and do a new install.
During the install it will let you create a new c drive and format it which effectively wipes out all the previous files that were there.
it then goes on to reinstall your os.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this then any half decent pc shop should be able to do it for you at a reasonable price.

the other alternative is to do a dos fdisk which will totally wipe out everything including all partitions on the drive.

then using the os installation disk you can create new partitions and format them and install the os on the c drive.

Again any half decent PC shop should be able to do this for you if you dont want to do it.

C&B enterprises  Jan 8th, 2009
Thanks JJ I will keep an eye out for those virus I yoo had to buy a new computer because I was infected. Thank for the info and have a good day.

JJ  Jan 8th, 2009
Bjantiques: I have used many different anti viruse programs over the years. None of them stopped everything u
Thanks everybody for your honest input. I myself, use KasperSky and RoboForm Pro and I have never looked back.

Thanks everybody for your contributions.

Bjantiques  Jan 8th, 2009
I have used many different anti viruse programs over the years.
None of them stopped everything until 2 years ago.

For the last 2 years I have been using Kaspersky which is a paid anti virus and firewall software. Since using it I can honestly say I have not had a single intrusion and my PC is normally on and connected to the internet 24/7.
It is only switched off if i am going to be away more than 24 hours.

I also use the paid version of robo form so that i don't have to type in passwords and user ids so should I ever get a key logger it cant pick up my info.

Add to this frequent manual scans using alternativly
Spy Bot S& D and Adaware SE from lavasoft (both free)
I have a very good defense system in place.

I have noticed that many Americans I have talked to shun Kaspersky because it is Russian in origin.
I am not so arrogant as to put nationalism before security and safety.
I want the best and I believe I have found it. It can be difficult to learn to use and it can be quite visious at times and a bit over protective of your system. However I have figured out the best way to use it and I will never change back to anything else.

Cynthia and James  Jan 8th, 2009
I am not not sure how good it is but I have great success with Avast Anit VIrus it is a free service and it updates 4 or 5 times a day. If this is not a good service Please let me know.

pplcheryl63  Jan 8th, 2009
JJ: Yeah, I know ultimately thats what it comes down to.
We also need to be aware that we can get infected by our friends. Hijacker and what I like to call hitchhiker virus are becoming more of a threat than ever. Remember when the general public becomes aware of what hackers and criminals are doing, they change tactics.

Banks are already being warned that customers could inadvertently be the cause of infecting the banks' network because of a virus riding in when the customer logs on to the online banking system. That means we cannot even trust our friends (but in their defense they don't even know that they are infected themselves)

JJ  Jan 8th, 2009
SansSecret: Im surprised you mention Norton. Ive used it previously with no problems. Currently, my main pro..
Yeah, I know ultimately that's what it comes down to.

SansSecret  Jan 8th, 2009
I'm surprised you mention Norton. I've used it previously with no problems.
Currently, my main protection comes from my ISP provider. I pay extra each month for the privelege of staying updated and protected.

But a lot of the responsibility comes down to ourselves. Being careful which sites you vist, which links you click, etc And of course, running the necessary scans and updates to make sure it's all kept clean.

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