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The dreaded pyramid, why everyone should get past it

Posted Date: Dec 27th, 2008 23:09 | Hits: 425

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 One of the main things that I hear when talking to anyone about an mlm opportunity is, "is this a pyramid scheme?"  Now before I really had no idea how to answer that question.  I would always try to explain why this system was great and why it did not matter if it was a pyramid scheme.

However I just read something online that really made me think.  What I just found out totally makes sense and I do not realize why I did not see this sooner.  Basically isn't every company a pyramid scheme?

You have the executives at the top and the mid level players and then the lowly employees.  The execs at the top make all the money while the employees only help to make the players at the top rich.  So basically every company can be classified as a pyramid scheme.  However most people do not see it that way.  They see their company as just a place to work and not like a pyramid because pyramids are all bad and evil.

So giving people this little tid bit may enlighten them somehow but mostly anyone with any kind of negative attitude towards mlm is not a good prospect anyways.  If you need to convince someone then they are not the right kind of people.  I guess its the old; some will, some wont, so what, next.  lol

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Member's comment

C&B enterprises  Dec 28th, 2008
Have them look at the back of a 1 dollar bill and ask them what our country is built on.

Alex Wrobel  Dec 27th, 2008
Wincer Song: from my point of view, MLM is going worse and worse. In some coutries, for example, MLM is illeg
Well I am not sure if it is getting all that bad. However I do feel that a lot more people are starting to see it only as a scam and lose faith in it.

Wincer Song  Dec 27th, 2008
from my point of view, MLM is going worse and worse.
In some coutries, for example,
MLM is illegal In China.

But I think 1-tier affiliate program or 2-tier affiliate program will be the mainstream.

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