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How long do you think it takes to be successful in this business?

Posted Date: Dec 27th, 2008 21:52 | Hits: 829

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Now I knot that success can be measured in many ways in this industry and in life. However for arguments sake, lets say having a very big downline making around $10k a month.
Less than 6 months
6-12 months
1-2 years
3-4 years
5 years +

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shaddock67  Dec 28th, 2008
That is true. The more you make the more you spend. Everyone has done that at somepoint in there life, but if you learn from your mistakes and set goals and priorities with spending and saving success will be around the corner. I am starting to see some better results with some of the projects that I am involved in and it is giving me the opportunity to set some aside, not only for my wife and I, but for our children as well.

pplcheryl63  Dec 27th, 2008
There is no time frame, some will learn quicker than others. Success has nothing to do with how much they are making but how quickly they learn to handle the larger amounts of money.

You'd be surprised just how many successful businesses fold each year because the "owner" does not understand fiscal responsibility and are not used to handling large amounts of money. In the case of a home based business it's even worse because you are taking someone with no business knowledge at all and in effect making them the CEO of their own company. They may understand the product and selling the product but they have no clue when it comes to the day to day logistics of RUNNING a business.

There really is no way to set a time frame but since you want one I'll say this the longer they make it without washing out the better their chances of being successful, The longer they can stay in business the more lessons they will learn, the problem is the lesson for most will be when they washout.

Alex Wrobel  Dec 27th, 2008
pplcheryl63: If you are used to making $2k Per month and suddenly start making $10k per month guess what the aver
Ok I see your point. However back to the question at hand. How long do you think it takes the average dedicated marketer to do this?

pplcheryl63  Dec 27th, 2008
If you are used to making $2k Per month and suddenly start making $10k per month guess what the average person does? They spend $10K per month. Sorry until you have that money there not spent as a reserve you are not successful.

And again having a large downline means nothing. You can have 1000 people in your downline but if they are just bodies they do you absolutely no good. Why have 1000 do nothings that you are responsible for when you can get much better results with say 50 active workers?

I understand what you are trying to say but this is the same grab everything that can fog a mirror for your downline and you will make enough to retire nonsense we hear all the time. This is the kind of thinking we need to forget about and distance ourselves from.

Alex Wrobel  Dec 27th, 2008
Well spending everything you have is just plain dumb.

That is not what I was talking about. Also if you are making $10k a month when you are used to making say $2k a month, don't you think you will not need to cash your paychecks?

I was just using a hypothetical scenario

pplcheryl63  Dec 27th, 2008
Sorry but successful has nothing to do with the size of your downline or $10K per month. Successful means that you have 6 months worth of paychecks from your job that you have not needed to cash for your living expenses.

That is success in a home based business! There is no time frame or monetary amount. The point of a home based business is not to have to depend on a job.

I know people making 5 figures a month and they still cannot be called successful because they have nothing in reserve. They spend what they make and when something unexpected happens, they cannot survive without flipping burgers on the side.

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