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Are you"qualified"?

Posted Date: Dec 27th, 2008 09:48 | Hits: 808

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One of the biggest things I notice is online networkers claiming "qualifications" they really have no right to claim.  Yes it looks good to say you are this or that but it will blow up in your face when you cannot back it up.  What is even worse is ruining your own credibility and the credibility of others in your particular opportunity.  I got an email yesterday that was forwarded to me by a friend.  The original e-mail was from a prospect of his, someone claiming to be a "Coach".  The whole thing in a nutshell was download this e-book probably because this "Coach" had signed up with this program a little over a week ago.

Let me ask you if someone reads a few medical textbooks, does that quailfy him to claim to be a doctor? No it doesn't, he must go through years of study overseen by instructors and years of hands on training overseen by qualified licensed physicians before he can claim to be a doctor.  And yet everyday someone signs up with a company and jumps on the internet claiming to be an "expert".

Let me say it takes much more than putting your John Hancock on a contract to make you an expert.  You need to study your opportunity and products.  You need to understand the need for your product. If you don't understand these things how can you A) identitfy when someone has a need or B) present your product(s) in a way that will show it fits the need?

To me the biggest phonies on the net are the thousands of business "coaches".  They read some guru's e-book then claim they are a coach.  That does not make you a coach, it makes you someone who read a book nothing more.  Until you have the experience gathered under a qualified instructor on coaching you are just another John or Jane Doe that jumped on the internet expecting some easy money.  And even worse 90% of the time the coaching involves nothing more than slapping up a website hoping someone will download the same e-book you just read.

Until you have taken the time to really learn what is in that e-book, to apply and test the techniques with your own opportunity and to learn how it can be applied to others opportunities you are not a coach, you aren't qualified.  You don't have the experience and you certainly don't have the credibility.  This is exactly why the guru's have such a bad name right now.

The other great myth I see all the time is gurus who claim their techniques work with any opportunity.  Wait just a second what is your background again?  What life experience do you have that makes you think you can coach anybody that exists?  Tom Landry was one of the greatest coaches out there, Pat Riley was one of the greatest coaches out there but now honestly think how well would the Dallas Cowboys have done with Riley at the helm?  Would the Lakers be as great as they have been staistically speaking with Landry writing the playbook?

Both of these men were great coaches but they coached what they knew.  Landry knew football, Riley knew basketball and neither one of them ever tried to coach what they were not qualified to coach.

So what am I saying here?  Use a little common sense and logic. 

Don't claim what you are not yet entitled to claim. 

Stop trying to think you are qualified to coach anyone breathing because you can't. 

And for Pete's Sake you have a life full of experience, stop acting like reading an e-book by some guru erases all of that.  It's only your life experience that will give you any common ground to deal with someone else!

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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Mar 18th, 2009
Linda from what I see you ARE dong it the right way. Reading learning and discovering. All of that will help you find what works for you and what doesn't. I'm glad to see the "Coaching" boom seems to be fading out. Many people were disappointed by spending money on all this coaching garbage and not they are in worse shape than they were before.

earntoday  Mar 18th, 2009
You are welcome. I'm sure that MANY will ignore it. It doesn't fit in with their idea of how the world works, and it doesn't fit in with what most of the gurus are telling them.

I am in the learning process myself. And, believe me when I say that I'm learning. I want to do it the right way and build a reputation where others will trust me. Seems like everything I read here at Apsense makes sense and I do listen. And, C&b I'm with you, I take it to heart.

pplcheryl63  Dec 30th, 2008
Doniel: Man you punch somebody in the nose with this article....because Ive seen this stuff around...people.
I have a good friend who is a licensed business coach, and I won't repeat what they have to say about these "online" coaches. Business coaching takes training and experience to first of all be able to claim to be a coach and then it takes a one on one interactive relationship with the individual or business they are providing the coaching to.

Each individual or business has different problems and issues that the coaching needs to address. My issues are not your issues and the coach must first identify the issue which cannot be done by slapping up a website and offering an e-book.

It also takes time to actually do the coaching. The person receiving the coaching gets suggestions and tries them then discusses with the coach the results, if that doesn't work the coach must provide different suggestions until the coach and their client are seeing the desired results.

That does not happen in 90% of "online" coaching.

Doniel  Dec 30th, 2008
Man you punch somebody in the nose with this article....because I've seen this stuff around...people posing, or pretending to be something when there's crazy....if you have some experience or knowledge or know how thats different. But the expert different.....great article....

pplcheryl63  Dec 29th, 2008
Bjantiques: I have been on th intenet now for well over 10 years. I have chalked up ten years of learning an
That is exactly it. Why would someone claim they can mentor coach or give advice on anything without having some experience?

What even makes people think that they can jump up and mentor or coach me or anyone else without some common point of reference? If you have not been where I've been how on earth can you see where I'm coming from?

Bjantiques  Dec 29th, 2008
I have been on th intenet now for well over 10 years.
I have chalked up ten years of learning and studying many different aspects of internet marketing.

I never have and never will claim to be a Guru, coach or mentor.

What I say is I can give advice based on the knowledge and experience I have gathered. What you do with that advice is up to you. I am not going to force you to follow it. You have to take what I say and weigh it up in your mind and decide will following it help you or not.

We are individuals with our own minds - we need input from different sources that can then be analyzed and thought about.

Once we have done that then we make our own decision as to what we use from the input that we have had.

The question we have to ask is who do we go to to get the input?

Personally I will take the option of someone with hands on experience, that has been around the block a few times, over the 5 minute wonder.

pplcheryl63  Dec 27th, 2008
Kareema: Im glad this isnt me, cause the people I work for have many years of experience and dont consider...
Exactly and unfortunately this person that sent this e-mail to my friend claims just that, yet he only signed on to the program less than two weeks ago but he is a "Coach". He couldn't Coach himself out of a wet paper bag so how can he claim to be able to coach anyone else?

pplcheryl63  Dec 27th, 2008
Cynthia and James: I belive that a free book offered is just that a free book offered if you can read it and get someth
It's not the offering of a book it's those who claim that they are a coach simply because they read a book that get me. I love to have access to resources and I've read many books, but it doesn't make me an expert or qualified to claim it.

Those are the ones I'm talking about.

Kareema  Dec 27th, 2008
I'm glad this isn't me, cause the people I work for have many years of experience and don't consider themselves to be "Guru's" a matter of fact, they kind of frown on that title as well! You've made some excellent points here and there are many who claim to be something they're not!

Cynthia and James  Dec 27th, 2008
I belive that a free book offered is just that a free book offered if you can read it and get something out of it you have gotten a nugget to use in your business but you are right no one can learn everything there is to know from reading one ebook. Some books I have read give you more insight than others so I normally take the good and file it for later use and the bad goes in the garbage.

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