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Networking 101(a lesson for the online "networker")

Posted Date: Dec 24th, 2008 07:59 | Hits: 517

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I'd like to take the time to talk about networking for a moment.  It seems people jump on the internet and call themselves a networker and yet they have absolutely no idea of what that means.  Just joining a social site and putting putting people on your friends list does not make you a networker.  You see there are certain qualities you find in "real" networkers that are missing in 90% of the people who claim to be a networker.  And when you reduce this these qualities to their lowest common denominator, the networker has one goal to create lasting relationships with like minded individuals.

Quality 1

The networker first and foremost understands that they must come out of their shell stop parroting others and be themselves.  Releationships do not automatically happen, they grow.  The networker is not interested in regurgitated posts about "The Secret", "The Law of Attraction" or the "Collected works of Napoleon Hill".  Not to be funny but they have already read those books, they already are very diligent about their own personal development.  They are not looking for individuals who constantly post rehashed versions of the same old same old.  The are looking for individuals that they can connect with, do business with and have a friendly relationship with.  The networker is not looking for people hiding behind someone else's message, they are looking for people who have their own personality, opinions and ideas and are not afraid to express it.

Quality 2

The networker never looks at a connection as a sale.  Instead he looks at that connection as a possible member of his sales force.  The networker is also looking at how he can become a member of his connection's sales force.  We all have our spheres of influence, and there are people within those spheres that need "things".  The networker is looking at his connection as someone who could possibly provide the needed thing to a member of his own sphere of influence.  The networker is looking at how he can help his connection through referrals.  You have to understand that networking is a two way street, you help your connections and they will help you.

Quality 3

The networker is committed.  The networker is a "regular".  You will see him around consistantly.  Posting and commenting reading different content from different people.  You will however not see them posting ads on a regular basis.  The actual content posts will far outnumber the ads they've posted.  The networker understands that networking and marketing are two different things.

Understand that marketing is all about the sale and that is what the marketer is focused on.  Networking is about building relationships that will help everyone prosper.  It's like two groups going out on a deep sea fishing trip.  On the one hand you have the marketers with their rods and reels and tackle boxes.  Can they catch fish? sure they can one at the time when the fish bite.  On the other hand you have the Networkers who are out with a large trawling net.  Which group will catch more fish and have an easier time of it?

You are only a networker if you are taking the steps to build a net.


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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Dec 29th, 2008
Coach Gia: Great post! It takes time and commitment to network and some marketers would rather cut through the
That is what networking is about! Most people on social networks are not networkers, they are marketers. It's why they rarely understand the basic principles of networking.

Coach Gia  Dec 29th, 2008
Great post! It takes time and commitment to network and some marketers would rather cut through the chase and make a quick sale instead of building a relationship that can that can lead to more sales and referrals.

pplcheryl63  Dec 28th, 2008
Bawgy21: Before one can become a networker one has to have an achievement goal. That goal dictates the talen
Networking is actually very broad, I don't go into networking with any achievement goals in mind for one simple reason, it creates "Tunnel" vision. You create a specific list of people you are looking for and ignore everyone that falls outside of the category. While you are running around looking specifically for a say a plumber, You passed over a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker because the don't fit your goals. However each one of them knows a plumber, the time you are spending searching you could have saved simply by building the relationship with ant of the three you passed over.

This is not the time to weed out contacts this is the time to make contacts, you can weed them out later and worry about targeting goals when you are setting up your strategic partnerships. You can't cross anyone off the list, Networking is not about the person in front of you as much as it's about who does that person know that can help you? Networking is about building beneficial relationships, not marketing. They are two different things.

Bawgy21  Dec 28th, 2008
Before one can become a networker one has to have an achievement goal. That goal dictates the talent types you need to associate as part of your think tank.

pplcheryl63  Dec 24th, 2008
C&B enterprises: I can see hope more look at this topic so they can wake up. Have a good day I have to go to Work For
Hopefully it will get through to a few folks. I'd love to see people develop into networkers and not Marketers. Marketing is not the way:

"Networking is an essential part of building wealth."
Armstrong Williams

pplcheryl63  Dec 24th, 2008
peaceful: The astonishing thing is that there are free RESOURCES in abundance that teach a person how to do bu
True and the thing is they will always talk about what others do and never think what will best the best thing for them down the road

peaceful  Dec 24th, 2008
The astonishing thing is that there are free RESOURCES in abundance that teach a person how to do business 'The Right Way"....

Many of these courses are now being taught by colleges and business schools, or being offered as part of the training for re-employment programs...

Lots of Good Stuff, very few Good People to take advantage of it... Some folks just choose to remain branded as 'Get-Rich-Quick Cattle", so used to being 'burned" and in turn, mainly learning how to attempt to 'burn" others...

C&B enterprises  Dec 24th, 2008
I can see hope more look at this topic so they can wake up. Have a good day I have to go to Work For a few hours Have a good day.

pplcheryl63  Dec 24th, 2008
If you just look around at the social NETworks, not very many!

C&B enterprises  Dec 24th, 2008
You are right there is a lot of confusion out there I wonder how many actualy have a net.

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