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''Spammer'' or ''Person That Needs Help''?

Posted Date: Dec 23rd, 2008 19:23 | Hits: 663

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People are often banned for spamming.
I'm sure you've noticed lots of blatant advertising as soon as you join.
I don't know about you but I see two different types of people acussed of spamming:

* The ones that come accross as ''know it all'' personalities, with ''the best thing since sliced bread'' poster.  I'm sure that you've seen some of those posters sometimes.
They are flashy with all the bells and wistles attached.
Or, they might just describe a huge so called ''money maker''. The more hype involved, the better. You know what I mean.
They'll put that poster or script in e-mails, videos, profiles etc... Depending on the personality type, some will post just one time, and others don't ever give up on stuffing it in your face.
I remember one example when I got an advertising post right in my guestbook. No hello, no nothing attached to it.
I wrote to the person asking if he was aware that he was spamming. His answer back was unbelievable.
He pretty much said that I would not take what he was offering, so that is why he post it in my guestbook.
I wonder if it ever occur to him that maybe I just don't want his stuff.


* The ones that are new to the business with nobody helping them. I've been there, a few years ago, uneducated, excited about my new opportunity and eager to show it to everyone in sight.
I had no help, I had no system to follow and I was in a business model full of hype.
The only thing I had was an upline that I only heard from if I didn't buy anything that month.

I did not know where to advertise, the little money I had went on buying useless leads and phone scripts from big ''guru's''. I was like a blindfolded person trying to catch anything with a pulse.
I was joining business communities, forums and I was placing ads everywhere I could,
hoping that someone will join me. After all, there is word out there that we are all numbers, right?
So there I was playing a numbers game in complete darkness.

Nobody offered me any help, all I was told was ''you're spamming, we'll ban you'' .
I was like an child yelled at over and over but not told what he did wrong or how to make it right.
Did anybody come out and say: ''Let me help you'' ? Nooooo.
Well, there were the ocasional ''let me help you for a price'' offers but that does not count.

Most of us have challenges in the beginning, even you, big guru's out there started somewhere. Did you somehow forget?
Next time you see a so called ''spammer'' ask yourself if that could have been you years ago with no help, no money and no hope. Take a step back and think before you point the finger.

I hope that I helped someone today!

I appreciate you,
Daniela Riess

Let's all remember this season that there is goodness in the world with no price tag on it.
Make 2009 your best year ever!


I appreciate you,
Daniela Riess

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Member's comment

glnagy  Jan 2nd, 2009
There may also be a third form of spammer, being the 'denial-spammer' my experience, a lot of people won't take help either!

Doniel  Dec 25th, 2008
Hey this was very educational, and if you really think about it, it's also attraction marketing at it's finest. If your willing to respond to spammers, about how to offer there opportunities,it's a win win,for you and the untrained person. Everyone I think starts out like this.We evolve later own into something better.Better networkers and teachers,teaching the newbies how to's.

Great Article you got my vote!

pplcheryl63  Dec 23rd, 2008
Exactly, the TOS is there for a reason, saying that spammers don't know any better....well I find that an insult to the intelligence of an adult. I was guilty of the same thing when I first started out but I quickly learned that it was time to grow up and act like an adult. That means taking responsibility for what I do. If I don't read the TOS or site policies and do something wrong, it's my responsibility period.

c5  Dec 23rd, 2008
I agree with cheryl. I used to NOT READ the TOS because they all say the same thing (in my opinion)...until I was given an infraction for not following a certain rule. After that incident, now, I ALWAYS read the TOS.

pplcheryl63  Dec 23rd, 2008
Again I refer back to the fact that every network joined and pretty much all opportunities today have a spam policy. It is up to each individual to read the TOS or applicable policy. And yes I spammed at first too but I went back to the TOS and READ IT. Lo and behold it said it right there in black and white that spamming was not allowed.

I then personally took it upon myself to take the next step which was ask someone. Anyone signing a contract to be in business should be an adult. They should not need to be lead around by the hand like a child. Yes they will make mistakes at which time the adult will ask someone who knows and take the steps to correct their behavior.

I personally think in too many cases the "Marketer" is waiting for someone to come along and tell them what to do like they are in "Headstart". It's time marketers start to take personal responsibility for their OWN actions. Including spam.

Every marketer out there has been spammed themselves. There's no one on the internet that has not been spammed at some point. Here is a novel idea, If you would not want someone to do it to you, don't do it to them. Not difficult to understand at all, even a small child can understand it.

And really if a marketer is that thin skinned maybe they don't need to be marketing because they will go through much worse than that if they want to be successful. There is no excuse for Spam here. The guidelines are laid out clearly and readily available, so I'm wondering why all of a sudden there seems to be this concentrated focus on spamming which is not allowed on this site period!?

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