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Wall Street Journal Revelations

Posted Date: Dec 17th, 2008 01:12 | Hits: 630

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Revelations from the Wall Street Journal probably don't belong in the category 'Affiliate Marketing Industry News', but as it's the only category with a 'news' section, here you go.

I'm not a particularly avid reader of the WSJ, but dropped by because of an article I was directed to from another forum. And while there, I noticed this little gem of a headline:

Google Wants It's Own Fast Track On The Web

Now, apparently she isn't the only one. And while the Internet has always been considered a level playing field for all of us, things could change pretty drastically if google and others get their way.

Talks of 'fast lanes' on the Internet for those who want (and can afford) them have been around for a while. But most people were against it, including Obama. And for good reason, if they start charging for delivering your content quicker, then those who can pay will do so, and those who can't afford it will be left clogging up the slow lanes.

One justification, "If everyone had to pay the same rates for postal service, than you wouldn't be able to differentiate between sending a greeting card to your grandma versus sending an overnight letter to your lawyer.""

Hmm. somehow I don't think the difference is going to be relative to the cost of sending a greeting card.
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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Dec 17th, 2008
Think about what is says in the WP article. It's still setting up for preferential treatment for certain sites. And who determines which websites quality?

If I tell someone to immediately embark on a journey to nether regions in close proximity to the abode of Old Nick, most people would not realize what I just said. But it has not changed the fact that I have just told them to "go to hell" I just dressed it up with flowery words in hopes that it goes over their head.

If you really take your time and read what is being said in the WP article and evaluate the consequences, it's the same thing as what is being said in WSJ Just dressed up in flowery words that will go over the average person's head.

SansSecret  Dec 17th, 2008
Well, the Washington Post has replied - not very prettily towards the WSJ

Who are we to believe?

pplcheryl63  Dec 17th, 2008
glnagy: Apparently google thinks they own the internet? I have nothing pretty to say!
Maybe they suffered a hostile take-over by Al Gore!

glnagy  Dec 17th, 2008
Apparently google thinks they own the internet? I have nothing 'pretty' to say!

pplcheryl63  Dec 17th, 2008
I came across a video on YouTube some time ago talking about this issue. The sad part is that many of the so called "Underground" or radical sites would die. While some of those sites do deserve to die, a lot of those sites provide open forums for people to discuss issues relevant to them and to send information and news which is not tainted by corporate mainstream media.

about 2 years ago there was a lot of discussion about the impending collapse of the economy, we can see today that those talking about it then had a point. The mainstream media was busy assuring us everything was alright even when the signs of collapse were evident. The internet has prevented the complete dumbing down of society as a whole. Allow Google, which is probably the most complete clearhinghouse of information about us get this to go through and there will be no hope for us.

I sincerely hope people get on the rear ends of their Congressmen and stay there until this whole idea is squashed totally!

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