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Posted Date: Dec 16th, 2008 06:51 | Hits: 431

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I lost it today...
I was looking through my old training, in my not so successful days of network marketing (in my own eyes) and I found it. Poor training.
Ok, it WAS free, but I gave of my time to see it and my time is worth money.

I'm sure yours is too.

Looking at it made me really mad.

I should say more frustrated than mad.

Have you ever heard this before?

MAKE IT 100, NO 200, BETTER YET 300!!
or better yet,

Should I duck? The only thing that is about to explode is my patience from lack of success!!! Taking the time to dedicate to that kind of training is almost like doing busy work because you are procrastinating from doing things which your upline told you to do, but you KNEW was NOT working. Here you are at your phone and it weighed 1,000 pounds because your upline is telling you to convince an artist to learn how to be a sanitation worker! Now, wait a minute, you might say, "I never heard anyone say that!" but when you are trying to convince someone to do something that they are not interested in doing, it is like trying to convince an artist to paint with leftover mashed potato! It's not happening. The worst thing is, the poor network marketer does not realize that they are trapped into doing a job the wrong way that will mostly lead them into failure. Yes, some of them will have just the right words to convince the artist that they NEED to paint with the ketchup remains from an almost finished bottle of ketchup, but most people think it is ridiculous themselves and give up rather easily. Besides, the artist can hear and FEEL the energy of the person who is trying to do the convincing! The energy coming from the other side of the phone is weak, even if the person's voice may sound upbeat. The artist knows that they are being sold a bill of goods! There is not much the networker could do...and to boot, they feel like it is all their fault and with good reason, they AVOID the phone...wouldn't you? You would avoid it like the plauge. How successful do you think this networker is after they go to their weekly meeting, see networker Sam have some good success, get motivated, get the courage to pick up the 1,000 pound phone and try all over again? Not very successful, huh? Then we wonder why people give up so easily. What's a person to do? FIND a NEW way! Change the rhythm of the beat! Find a way that works. That is what I do. I help others find a way to march to the beat of a different drum. It feels good to help others and to teach them that the old way of looking for those artists who have no interest in painting with trash is no longer necessary. Instead, I can help them look in places where they could find the budding sanitation engineers. They do make a decent wage, but I personally couldn't stand the smell.
All the best!

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C&B enterprises  Dec 16th, 2008
Great artical sometimes we have to looks at the facts instead of the dollar signs.

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