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Google slips from list of top companies on privacy

Posted Date: Dec 15th, 2008 23:35 | Hits: 548

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Google has dropped off the top 20 list of top companies on privacy.   I found it funny that the US Postal Service was ranked 6th.  lol


Here are the top companies as ranked in the survey:

1. American Express (remained No. 1)
2. eBay (+6)
3. IBM (no change)
4. Amazon (+1)
5. Johnson & Johnson (+ 1)
6. Hewlett Packard (+10)
6. U.S. Postal Service (+1)
7. Procter & Gamble (+2)
8. Apple (new to the top 20)
9. Nationwide (remained the same)
10. Charles Schwab (-8)
11. USAA (+4)
12. Intuit (+7)
13. WebMD (-1)
14. Yahoo (new to the top 20)
15. Facebook (new to the top 20)
16. Disney (-1)
16. AOL (-12)
17. Verizon (new to the top 20)
18. FedEx (new to the top 20)
19. US Bank (-2)
20. Dell (-7)
20. eLoan (-9)

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pplcheryl63  Dec 16th, 2008
Ah yes Google not good at protecting out privacy and I bet I could blow that whole article out of the water with a bit of digging. You see once you've had a breach you've proven you can't keep information safe.

Rather than listen to the media tell you who is number one at keeping information private, you can search the listing Privacy rights Clearing house's list of Chronological security breaches
But understand that this is by no means a complete list. If SSN's or account numbers were not exposed the breach was not included.

If they are on this list and I know IBM, Facebook and Disney are there right off the top of my head without even comparing. It's sources like this one and Datalossdb (formerly that people need to pay attention to

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