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Why branding? Just ask these companies!

Posted Date: Dec 14th, 2008 14:40 | Hits: 701

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It is of utmost importance that we brand ourselves and with good reason.  You want people to think of you when they need something that you offer.  Depending on how well you brand it can make you synonymous with the industry.

For example if I were to say I need a Band-Aid, you would immeidatly go to your medicane cabinet and bring me a bandage, what brand wouldn't matter.  I would not get the same result if I said I need a Curad even though it is a brand of bandage.

Which would get you to find a tissue for me quicker?  If I asked for a Kleenex or a Puffs?

And I know the younger folks may not get this but must of the older folks would know exactly what I meant if I asked them to Xerox something for me.

All of these companies worked very hard to brand them selves to the point that  just their name is synonymous with the product.  It takes years of hard work to become branded to this point but if you are not branding yourself in your market, you can rest assured that someone else is.


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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Feb 17th, 2009
Let me correct that I do advertisers have gotten away from connecting products with people some of the most successful brands to day were connected to people or mascots. That is what consumers thought of when purchasing. They did not think of Charmin Toilet Paper(brand) they thought of Mr Whipple. (Person) then bought the Charmin Toilet paper.

They did not think of Palmolive Dish Detergent, they though of Madge the Manicurist then bought Palmolive. The think of Chester Cheetah, Charlie the Tuna, The Gorton's Fisherman, The Jolly Greet Giant and Sprout. The Marlboro Man

Are you following me here? Everyone of those mascots/spokesperson represented a brand and there were dozens of brands on the market. It is never about the product, it is about giving the consumer a reason to choose you over all the others. You cannot focus on a product for the plain simple reason that in most cases people really don't give a rat's butt what product you sell until they know you. It goes back to the basic mantra of Marketing/networking/selling "People buy from those they know, like, and trust."

If it was all about "the product" People would not have a Mary Kay or Avon lady. They would not call that specific person to place an order they would get it from anyone they came across that sold the stuff. Branding for the affiliate actually has very little to do with the product.

pplcheryl63  Feb 15th, 2009
Yes I named all of those brands not because of "People" associated with the products but because of the successful branding of those products. The fact that just by saying the name of one of those products anyone knows what you are talking about.

This site is focused on affiliates or home based business owners, not the CEO's of mega companies with large departments for this that and the other. As affiliates we cannot afford to focus on a product. For ever affiliate on the site there are hundreds or even thousands marketing the exact same product. Focusing on the product is not going to help any one of us make a living, we have to focus on selling ourselves. Our prospects can get the product from any one of the hundreds or thousands.

You want to be successful then you'd better find a way to make those prospects want to get the product from YOU. You'd better focus on making your name first and foremost when it come to that product or else you are simply another affiliate marketer.

And no the average person in a good MLM does not need to have a lot of resources or money. They need to have a lot of willingness to roll up their sleeves and work. They have to be willing to go out there and brand themselves not a product.

pplcheryl63  Feb 15th, 2009
The key is not in branding the product but in branding yourself. The product is the product and god knows how many people have the same product. W hen you go to the store how many "brands" are on the shelf? So why focus on the product? People can just go with the cheapest they can find.

You don't need a large market you don't even need a great product. You need to make yourself the go to person. It's not about the product it's about you. You want people to see a problem and have your name come to mind, then you have truly branded yourself.

pplcheryl63  Feb 15th, 2009
Here's a thought, yes most use preset affiliate pages but if you are going to be an "Online" marketer then you will never be more than a face in the crowd.

I am in business that means I do what is necessary to brand myself. I took the time to A learn my product and what it does the benefits it offers etc. I took the time to learn what problems the benefits or my product can address.
I also take the time to get off the computer and out among people other business owners etc for real world marketing.

What has happened in that I have become branded as the "Identity Theft Lady" Sitting on a computer and linking here and there will not brand you especially when everyone else is doing the same thing. Unless some sort of Computer or internet service is what you provide, the internet should be a part of you marketing campaign and a tool not the basis of your marketing.

Jerry Harsh  Feb 15th, 2009
Branding these days is pretty hard since most use pre-set affiliate pages to market things. Having your own domain name and web site allows you to expand on two things that should go together. Linking and branding your site. If you link your site to well known organizations in a whole hearted effort to educate that person, with feeds from their sites with info important to your visitor. Then linking will improve your branding efforts. I know most who have their own sites have the google ads, the click bank ads, and so forth. But add some links to places like AARP for your older visitors. Consumer advocate sites. Heck, even put a link to your local sen or cong. They all have feeds. just my 2 cents worht

Jenny Wudtke  Dec 15th, 2008
Branding ourselves and building lasting relationships! Its so much fun when we can feed ourselves with personal growth and put our creativity and gifts into our own unique creations. It really helps us to stretch and become a one of a kind individual. Thanks for Cheryl for helping me to stretch! Its exciting!

pplcheryl63  Dec 15th, 2008
I'll look forward to it

Lisa G.  Dec 15th, 2008
Thanks Cheryl. I've been looking into the importance of branding lately too.
I stopped by my local thrift store the other day, and purchased a book on it. If it's good, I'll pass on the title and author. Still in the bag right

pplcheryl63  Dec 15th, 2008
I just had a conversation that brought to mind another brand that has made themselves synonymous with their industry...Pampers!

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