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Oh get over yourself already!

Posted Date: Dec 13th, 2008 20:04 | Hits: 1118

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I've spent a lot of time in social networks.

If there's one thing that makes me sick to my stomach, it's the overall lack of social behavior or more specifically, people who completely fail to connect with anyone.

Don't be confused, although I am fasinated with being able to connect with such a varity of people of different interests, desires and dreams, I do not by any means expect to connect with every person I encounter.

What I am talking about is a complete failure to simply treat another person like, well, another person...the way you would like to be treated!

Sure most of us are probably quite familiar with the common 'social networker', the one way advert shouting machine, but this isn't even about them.

This is about the communicaters who don't communicate.  People who stop by blogs or articles or discussions and leave a back-patting comment as if to say "YES, you are so right!  I'm so glad we agree!" or even worse, can't handle a slightly contrary opinion whem in reality there is always another way to look at anything!

What the hecks wrong with a little disagreement?

Why can't people just accept that they don't know everything and open up to learning something new in the sheer delight of a heartfelt, hard-hitting healthy discussion and debate?

Are they afraid what people will think?  That they'll look stupid or that someone might slightly disagree with them in opinion?

Are people like this here?  I sure hope not, cause I have little if nothing to learn from getting patted on the back!

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Member's comment

glnagy  Jan 5th, 2009
alasycia: Hi G and everyone - have just found this thread! Love the title - it can be applied to everything
Hey Jenny, I wouldn't worry about that with some of the poltically incorrect freaks they have as admin around here! LOL!

Happy New Year!

alasycia  Jan 5th, 2009
Hi G and everyone - have just found this thread!

Love the title - it can be applied to everything and not just social networks! But I agree with you - these places are places to interact and be friends and discuss,.

We should feel comfortable and be able to disagree and agree to disagree. If not, what is the point of being here?

Well I'd better be off before I get banned for being politically incorrect or something! LOl

Hugs to you all and a Happy New Year

peaceful  Jan 5th, 2009
Even peaceful folks learn that some folks must have debate and tension in order to do their thing... Wouldn't want anybody and everybody to be all the same... No way! :)

glnagy  Jan 5th, 2009
Why do I have the feeling You might already be able to answer that one? LOL... Hard to say really, off-hand I'd say write compelling, informative articles and link back to your newsletter, but you may want to consider connecting with other drag racing fans directly and hopefully they will tell others about what you have to offer too...

glnagy  Jan 2nd, 2009
Heck if I know! Seems to me confusion runs quite rampant this day and age, such a catalyst for mis-understanding... :)

BigRocky99  Dec 20th, 2008
Hi Garnet, you are 100% correct. My point in the midst of my rambling is the fact the dope did NOT come to my blog and say ANYTHING to me. I would PREFER someone calling ME a jerk to my face(or via blog) instead of AVOIDING me. What am I going to do? BITE THEM?? LOL..No I am not a vampire. If someone has an issue with me ...FINE I accept that and it should be that way. MY views are NOT EXACTLY mainstrean and I KNOW that.

glnagy  Dec 19th, 2008
BigRocky99: Since my views of various things are EXACTLY OPPOSITE of some of my closest friends here and elsewhe
Hey Karl, Some folks just can't agree to disagree...others like to point fingers and shout names. Can't be too hard on them either, they are just dealing with what they know, you know?

For me this is more about people who look at a remark as negative when in my mind there is no such thing. Adverisity is only opportunity, although sometimes it can be hard to see! Getting upset or some slightly contrary remark on a blog is just stupid, DEAL WITH IT, remember these are just people like you who in all likelyhood don't know everything there is to know about everything and are not capable of expressing exactly what they mean to say(I know I never have). Then again, some people are just jerks! LOL...and slander is just stupid and uncalled for!

BigRocky99  Dec 19th, 2008
Since my views of various things are EXACTLY OPPOSITE of some of my closest friends here and elsewhere, I guess I am not afraid of a little disagreement BUT when someone does OUTRIGHT slander(or libel, I think slander is spoken, libel is written) then it is a different story. I have made posts on other sites only to remove them because of the overwhelmingly negative replies to them. I felt the threads involved were bringing a particular network into a 'street brawl' and removed them for the integrity of the networks involved. That doesn't mean I changed my view I just 'took it off the air'. Now let me explain WHY I LEFT one site. I had a blog about our president-elect. My views are quite well known. So instead of commenting on my blog to disagree this DOPE BLASTS on the site message board that I am a "supporter of RACISM". PLUS he said the same thing on my slide guestbook(and I PROMPTLY removed it AND BLOCKED him). Now you would think this FOOL would have the nerve to at least confront me. I guess I am just some BIG OLE MEANY. I made sure admin at that site KNEW about my displeasure when explaining my reasons for leaving. I would like to think I am approachable. P.S. I am NOT a RACIST, SEXIST or ANTI-SEMITE or any such thing. My close friends KNOW this.

glnagy  Dec 18th, 2008
Okay now I'm confused, a little...wouldn't the information be a reward?

glnagy  Dec 17th, 2008
kaphoen: Take it as friendly sarcasm... just a bit green that I didnt think to write the article ;o)
Green?? LOL..That's alright...I happen to know of a little group where there is a whole growing collection of great informative articles I wouldn't mind the credit for writing either! ;)

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